The Institute’s faculty consists of academics and professionals dedicated to promoting the integrity of American markets through strong mechanisms of investor protection.

Professor Michael J. Kaufman
Director, Institute for Investor Protection
Former Dean, and Professor of Law
Dean Kaufman’s scholarly works can be found here

Professor Charles W. Murdock
Professor and Loyola Faculty Scholar
Professor Murdock’s scholarly works can be found here

Professor Steven A. Ramirez
Professor of Law and Director, Business Law Center
Professor Ramirez’s scholarly works can be found here

John M. Wunderlich
Institute Scholar, Institute for Investor Protection

John Wunderlich is the author and coauthor of several articles on securities fraud and commercial law. He is a former adjunct professor of law for Loyola University Chicago School of Law, where he taught appellate advocacy. His academic work has appeared in the peer-reviewed Securities Regulation Law Journal, the William and Mary Law Review, the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, the University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, the Loyola University Chicago Law Journal, and the Stanford University Journal of Law, Business and Finance.

Mr. Wunderlich’s scholarly works can be found here