Rule of law underlies all political, economic, and social goods. To overcome today’s development challenges— violence, infringements of human rights, environmental destruction, poverty and hunger —rule of law is essential. Likewise, rule of law is essential to supporting commerce, attracting investment, and achieving economic growth. Rule of law is central to the attainment of the United Nations’ integrated 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.

The Rule of Law for Development (PROLAW) program prepares professionals to advance the rule of law throughout society and across sectors, at home and abroad. PROLAW is a unique academic and experiential learning program. In addition to acquiring fundamental rule of law knowledge and skills, you will also gain a large international network and experience through your faculty, cohort learning, field visits, capstone projects, and internships at international organizations.

The rule of law field continues to grow in importance, allowing for wide-ranging career options in the public and private sectors. PROLAW graduates become members of a large and engaged alumni network of 200 rule of law professionals from over 60 countries.  97% of PROLAW alumni are currently employed in various positions within national authorities and public justice institutions, international and regional co-operation organizations, international development banks, non-governmental organizations, law firms and corporations, and as researchers for universities and think tanks. PROLAW alumni are passionate about the impact they have in inspiring, leading, and managing efforts to strengthen both the rule of law and prospects for national development in their country and geographical region.


Our degree programs are designed to make you practice-ready as a rule of law professional. We offer both LLM and MJ degrees in Rule of Law for Development. The LLM program is for those applicants with a first degree in law. The MJ program is for applicants with a first degree in a different subject.


Loyola’s rule of law curriculum covers both foundational and skills-based courses on rule of law, taught by renowned practitioners. The curriculum is supplemented by conferences and the Rule of Law Visiting Lecturer Series where leading professionals share their experiences in the field. The learning culminates in a rule of law capstone project. At the end of the program, students are able to inspire, lead and manage efforts to strengthen the rule of law and prospects for national development.


Using state-of-the-art technology, the program offers innovative online study to students worldwide, providing flexibility for busy professionals. Students are encouraged to join the optional immersion experience at Loyola’s campus in Rome, Italy in Spring 2022 subject to easing of Covid-19 restrictions. The Rome immersion experience offers the chance for enhanced exchanges with fellow students in the cohort and additional mentoring and networking opportunities.

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