Courses are taught by experienced practitioners who have multijurisdictional experience in supporting national initiatives aimed at improving the rule of law.

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Advisory Board

Since its inception, PROLAW has welcomed the input of lawyers, professors, and policy makers in the field through its Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of distinguished professionals, from a wide variety of backgrounds, who serve a critical role in guiding our efforts to advance and promote the rule of law both locally and abroad.

The Advisory Board represents a rich body of experience and add to the available resources of the program. PROLAW is grateful to be able to draw on their assistance.

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Benefactors and Strategic Partnerships


The PROLAW program has received financial support from governments, foundations, organizations, large corporations and individuals. Among these donors are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AT&T, Microsoft, the United States Department of State, the governments of Indonesia, Germany and Uganda, and Mr. Barry McCabe.

Partnership Agreements

Through PROLAW, the School of Law has entered into milestone partnership agreements with two regional organizations, the African Union (AU) and the Organization of American States (OAS). Under these agreements, Loyola uses the PROLAW program to strengthen those organizations’ capacities to promote the rule of law in their regions. The two agreements represent a recognition of the significant value that practical preparation for rule of law work can have in the pursuit of international development objectives. Loyola has to date educated 26 AU professionals that have participated in the PROLAW program, and more than 80 AU staff members have been trained in rule of law seminars at the AU headquarters in Addis Abeba.

Journal on Rule of Law

The Student Journal on Rule of Law (PROLAW Student Journal) is published annually and aims to educate and sensitize the members of the legal, academic, socio-economic and development communities on cross-cutting rule of law for development issues. It places emphasis on making feasible recommendations for improvement in understanding, adhering to and promoting the rule of law worldwide. PROLAW students edit, manage and publish the journal.

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