School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Cory Bright

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio
Major: Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Minors: Business Communication and Organizational Development and Leadership
Expected Graduation: 2019

Cory is a proven leader at Loyola, participating at events for prospective students, volunteering at new student orientations, serving as a peer advisor in his school’s introductory course “Introduction to Degree Completion,” and working on several search committees.

While pursuing his degree, Cory has kept his job as a flight attendant for United Airlines, where he has worked for 12 years and previously spent almost 10 years as an in-flight supervisor and manager, leading teams of flight attendants and ensuring strong in-flight performance and job satisfaction. Cory also has helped organize United’s Fantasy Flight event, which offers children in need a special in-flight experience.

As a volunteer, Cory has maintained a long-term commitment to the Ronald McDonald House, dating to his high school days in Ohio, and he has volunteered at the Chicago Food Depository.

Here, Cory talks more about his experiences with the airline and about what magis means to him.

What was the most meaningful volunteer, service, or student organization activity you’ve been involved in? How has it influenced you or shaped you as a person?

In 2008, we started an advisory board at the airline where we hear from customers what we do great and what needs improvement when it comes to accessible travel. We learned that families with autistic children do not have an opportunity for a “dry run” of the airport experience and as a result may never take a flight. We started arranging mock flights, allowing families to experience the airport as if they were traveling. Afterward, several families were able to take first trips together. This and Fantasy Flight are reminders that I can always make a difference. Standing by or turning away to allow someone else to do something is not an option.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from your Jesuit education?

A valuable lesson I have taken from my time at Loyola is that of magis. The very first class I took at Loyola was Ignatian Traditions, and on day one, we learned that doing more for others is doing more for God, as God is found in all things. I try to remember this in all things I do, each day.

What do you hope to achieve after college, and how has Loyola prepared you?

When I graduate, I will be the first person in my family with a college degree. I plan to continue with my master’s in human resources, earn a position in that field, and work to make the business environment I represent a great place to work.


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