“We are Chicago’s Jesuit, Catholic University—a diverse community seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith.”

In pursuit of this mission, our strategic plan guides us to blaze bold paths with agility through the ever-changing terrain of our community, nation, and world. With the benefit of an intensive, inclusive, and iterative communal discernment process, the Loyola University Chicago community came together as One Loyola to formulate six Enduring Values that provide the compass for our strategic plan’s priorities and exemplars:


I. Care for the whole person
II. Extraordinary academics and research
III. Community-centered engagement
IV. Global connections and partnerships
V. Operational excellence
VI. Care for our world


As we actualize each of these interdependent Enduring Values and their corresponding priorities, we will be led by the following guiding principles: (I) our vital Jesuit, Catholic mission and identity; (II) the supreme spiritual, moral, social, economic, cultural, political, and educational value of diversity, equity, inclusion, anti-racism, and racial justice; (III) the primacy of the student experience throughout the life-cycle, including safety, well-being, formation, belonging, and success; (IV) the critical role of meaningful relationships in the learning process, the construction of knowledge, the advancement of the Universal Apostolic Preferences, and the happiness of all members of the University community; (V) the indispensability of shared governance, effective communication, and transparent fiscal stewardship to organizational strength and sound decision-making; and (VI) the efficacy of design thinking—empathy, focused research, openness to new ideas, prototyping, testing, and nimble iteration—in promoting organizational growth and solving complex social problems.

Guided by these foundational principles and Enduring Values, we will implement our strategic priorities together, as One Loyola. Because we care for each other deeply, we have challenged ourselves in this plan to achieve ambitious, transformational priorities and exemplars that will drive our energies, resources, and bold capital campaign, including:

  • offering sufficient and sustainable financial assistance for students (Enduring Value I, Strategic Priority 4);
  • implementing comprehensive Anti-racism Initiatives and building a Racial Justice Institute (Enduring Value I, Strategic Priority 1; Enduring Value II, Strategic Priority 2);
  • creating integrated and cohesive connections throughout the entire life-cycle of the student experience (Enduring Value V, Strategic Priority 3);
  • strengthening Arrupe College (Enduring Value I, Strategic Priority 4);
  • developing the School for Environmental Sustainability (Enduring Value VI, Strategic Priority 1);
  • constructing the Rule of Law Institute (Enduring Value IV, Strategic Priority 1);
  • maintaining ample resources for innovative programs and growing an innovation hub for transdisciplinary human centered approaches to solving complex and urgent social problems (Enduring Value II, Strategic Priority 2);
  • building a research support infrastructure that leads to improving the University’s Carnegie Research designation (Enduring Value II, Strategic Priority 4);
  • developing an integrated Center for Teaching and Learning; (Enduring Value I, Strategic Priority 2);
  • maintaining strong fiscal stewardship, investing resources in strategic priorities, and building and maintaining state of the art universal design facilities that foster teaching, research, and service(Enduring Value V, Strategic Priorities 2, 3);
  • strengthening community and global partnerships (Enduring Values III and IV); and
  • launching a capital campaign and integrated marketing strategies aligned with strategic priorities (Enduring Value V, Strategic Priority 4). 

This “living” plan will increase our agility to respond to rapidly changing situations and needs over the next five years and well beyond. While our plan is built around the values that have fueled Loyola University Chicago’s work since our founding, the plan’s exemplars and corresponding metrics will evolve to meet the changing needs of our interdependent world. Each and every member of the Loyola community is called upon to join collaboratively to live out our Mission, enduring values, and guiding principles, and help to advance our strategic priorities.