Care for our world

We are called to take action on our world’s interconnected issues of social, health, economic, and environmental justice. As a leader in social justice and sustainability, we will pursue innovative approaches to meet the world’s urgent needs. We will make Loyola University Chicago a model of intentional design and operations that reduce harmful impact while maximizing benefits for the common good.


Priority 1

Instill in every Rambler the knowledge, skills, values, and desire to create a just, humane, and sustainable world for all people through their work, community, and actions.

Priority 2

Model sustainability through our actions, facilities, and policies.

Priority 3

Using an equity-centered approach, collaborate with community partners in achieving their environmental sustainability goals.

“As a leader in social justice and sustainability, we will pursue innovative approaches to transdisciplinary learning by forming and activating leaders to meet the world’s urgent needs.”

Loyola’s stories of impact

Day in and day out, Loyolans exemplify what it means to live out our mission and values. These stories highlight those who went above and beyond to personify our guiding principles through their leadership and actions. Take a dive below and get inspired—you too can make a lasting difference.

Community Centered Engagement Candace Moore

Access and Equity: Civic Engagement

Changing the Landscape

Chicago's first chief equity officer is searching for ways to level the playing field for all city residents

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Global Connections and Partnerships Andy Soto

Student Excellence: Research Abroad

The Impact of Foreign Aid

A research fellowship took two undergraduates to Tunisia

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Extraordinary Academics and Research Susan Baker

Covid19 Response: Clinical Research

Halting the spread

When it comes to the study of coronaviruses, Loyola University Chicago researchers were ahead of the curve.

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Cura Personalis DACA students

Immigration: Undocumented students

‘We made it this far. We will be doctors.’

Loyola was the first medical school in the country to openly accept DACA-status students

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