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Bimbo QSR

In the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry, differentiation is often thought of as something that’s achieved through a combination of quality, pricing, and marketing. While competing in these segments is necessary at all levels, there’s another layer to differentiation that fundamentally shapes what makes a company what it is — culture. In the case of Bimbo QSR, culture is not only complementary to their business model, but an integral part of furthering their overall mission of “Nourishing a Better World.”

Bimbo QSR is a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, specializing in baking products such as hamburger buns, artisan rolls, brioche buns, pretzel buns, potato bread buns, and multigrain buns for the Quick Service Restaurant and foodservice sectors.  The company operates 50 high-speed bakeries located in more than 23 countries around the world.  

Grupo Bimbo, the largest baking company in the world, is responsible for major consumer brands such as Thomas, BallPark, and SaraLee, among many others. The company’s culture is centered around the precepts of sustainability, productivity, and humanity.

“We strive to make the world a better place in everything we do,” says Andrea Moran-Sendra, Bimbo QSR’s Global Director, Customers. “We have very ambitious goals tied to the critical areas of health, people, and planet that our global teams are working towards every day.”

On the planet side of Bimbo QSR’s mission, these goals translate to quantifiable carbon emissions and waste thresholds that inform production processes across the company. In Bimbo QSR’s two Ohio-based bakeries, 100 percent of the electricity consumption comes from renewable sources, and in Italy and France, they have a goal of transitioning four of their bakeries to natural refrigerants by 2025.

Similarly, in their Asian division — which includes China and South Korea — Bimbo QSR has obtained a 100 percent Forest Stewardship council status in recognition of their commitment to regenerative agriculture processes and deforestation.

“For us, sustainability is about the planet but also about society and the people who live in it,” says Moran-Sendra. “Nourishing our people, communities, and the planet guides us and has become increasingly more important for our future. This means bringing better nutrition to millions by focusing on simpler recipes (health) and becoming sustainability champions through our commitment to zero waste, zero carbon, and regenerative agriculture (planet). 

Being able to achieve such lofty goals requires cooperation across each region. Bimbo QSR is intentional about reinforcing a culture that is consistent across cultural regions and different functions.

For instance, Bimbo QSR begins all meetings of four or more with a culture short. Culture is continuously reinforced at all levels of the organization and is just part of how they do business.

While collective team effort at all phases is the final product, leaders understand this sort of collective culture doesn’t exist if people don’t feel comfortable being the best versions of themselves daily.

“We support our associates by offering a safe workplace where everyone feels included, has access to the same opportunities, and can be themselves,” says Moran-Sendra. “Belonging is our ultimate goal and the way we will realize a deeply humane company. This means learning from and actively listening to different perspectives. We strive to make sure that everyone feels comfortable contributing, speaking up, and participating authentically.”

For associates, this authenticity comes when they feel supported and can understand how their work plays an important part within the company. But the importance of one’s work doesn’t begin and end on the job. In fact, it can expand into local communities via Bimbo QSR’s “Good Neighbor Program.”

The Good Neighbor Program is “a global program that is dedicated to supporting local organizations in their efforts to combat food insecurity, improve community wellbeing, and enrich the environment,” says Moran-Sendra. “This year alone we have launched six Good Neighbor Projects at our bakeries.”

Additionally, Bimbo QSR is committed to not only maintaining corporate policies that promote diversity and equity, but also actively seeking out ways to get more involved in the issue by launching programs such as their Diversity, Equity and Belonging Seminar in South Africa as well as their global Women’s Network and Women Leadership Circles throughout the United States, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Understandably, an organization is only as strong as its people, and the more empowered the people of an organization are, the greater the exchange of ideas and the quicker problems get solved.

Whether it be through making all their energy sources renewable, combating food insecurity in local communities, or being the world’s largest bakery, Bimbo QSR continues to deliver on all phases of sustainability, productivity, and humanity. Their commitment to “Nourishing a Better World” has already touched millions and will continue to do so as the company grows.

“Our people are the heart of our culture, and we want our associates to feel that every day.”

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