The Supply Chain and Sustainability Center will be the premier destination for organizations seeking sustainable supply chain solutions.



The Supply Chain and Sustainability Center (SCSC) is dedicated to the development of leading-edge strategies and sustainable, implementable solutions to the supply chain challenges encountered by the business community.

The SCSC will leverage the interdisciplinary resources of Loyola University Chicago and the global network of Jesuit schools to facilitate benchmarking and thought leadership in today’s global economy.

Underpinning all of our services is a commitment to excel in business, while adding value to stakeholders, communities, and the environment.


Originally launched in 2012 as The Supply and Value Chain Center, the Center transitioned to the Supply Chain and Sustainability Center in 2020 to reflect the increased importance of Sustainability across industries and that Supply Chains are best positioned to have an impact. The Center continues to be a forum for practitioners from various industries, along with academics and students, to come together to exchange ideas about the world of supply chain and sustainability.


The Supply Chain and Sustainability Center is currently led by Mike Hewitt, PhD, a professor of supply chain management in the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago, where he also serves as the director of graduate programs in supply chain management. Mike is also the executive director of the Business Leadership Hub.

Mike Hewitt
Faculty Director

Mike Hewitt


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