Roy Scheck

Roy Scheck

Where are you in your education at Loyola/Quinlan?

MBA/MSSCM. Two years in with a year to go. Working on Business Data Analytics as well as Information Systems certificates as well.

When do you finish and what do you hope to do after graduation?

I will be finishing Spring (maybe Summer) of 2019. My hopes for after graduation is to maintain contact with Loyola, the people here are very special and go out of their way to help you. I hope to utilize the knowledge gained here to advance my career both in my current industry (materials handling) and potentially in others. Personally, my family is expanding, which will likely be taking up the majority of my time after I graduate.

What are your career goals?

My immediate goals are to start applying what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown to advance my current career at the company I currently work for. Long term goals may resemble more supply chain consulting and analytics – but that is distant.

What made you choose Loyola for pursuing undergraduate education? What made you choose to study business at Quinlan?

I went to Purdue for undergraduate, and I chose Quinlan because of their supply chain program – it is the only quality supply chain program offered in Chicagoland.

What stands out to you regarding your education at Loyola/Quinlan?

The amount of extra-curricular activities and networking available. The Supply Chain Center, in particular, has been extremely beneficial in developing my understanding of this field. The ability to be active in a professional setting while being academically oriented is invaluable for learning. The friendliness and candor of the staff and educators also stand out.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting at Loyola/Quinlan?

It's twofold. First: if you are working full or part time, try and find ways to apply what you are learning to your current work. Even if the field isn’t the same, exercising your new knowledge helps to retain it. And second: get and stay involved. Loyola has so many outlets to help personal and career growth, try at least one while you are a student.