Chicago Returns to Work

Chicago Returns to Work

Now that organizations have begun to bring some staff back to offices, we have learned a lot about the protocols that were established. Our panelists talk about what has worked, what's been modified, and what challenges still exist.

Webinar topics

  • Likely, everyone will have had a COVID experience—if not their own illness, perhaps a family member or close friend. How does this influence the well-being of your team and the productivity of your business?
  • What can you do to help team members who may be dealing with the stress/strain caused by health, finances, education, after-school care, etc?
  • How are employers handling challenges around employees who use public transportation to get to work?
  • What physical and emotional challenges are employers seeing as they and their colleagues return to work?
  • What strategies/ideas can you use to address these challenges and keep you and others safe?

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Past featured speakers

Kyle Baltes
Real Estate Partner
Jones Day
Learn more about Kyle
Debra Moritz
Americas Head of Consulting & Strategic Assignments
Cushman & Wakefield
Learn more about Debra
Efrat Schulman
Labor and Employment Partner
Jones Day
Learn more about Efrat
Rebecca Silton
Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Loyola University Chicago
Learn more about Rebecca
Harry Haney (moderator)
Director, Supply and Value Chain Center
Loyola University Chicago