Global Sustainability Initiatives

Global Sustainability Initiatives

On December 2nd we hosted a conversation with Amanda Hamilton, Indirect Procurement Manager at McCain Foods, who shared insights about McCain's global sustainability strategy along with initiatives related to redirecting by-products from landfills, eliminating food waste, migrating to sustainable packaging, and more.

Key Takeaways

Money Talks: Look for opportunities that bring economic and sustainability benefits

  • New forklift battery charging technology reduces water usage 90% and shorter charge times resulting in substantial savings and sustainability win. A
  • Motion sensor LED lights in the warehouse
  • Redefine Food Waste by making it an opportunity for revenue generation and sustainability growth.
  • McCain extracts starch from the potato's water during their fries manufacturing and supplies it into the industry for various applications.

Select the right business partners and take the long view

  • Select partners who share your sustainability culture and set long term goals to encourage innovation. 
  • McCain partnerships include initiatives that reduce pesticide requirements and explore new varieties of potatoes for water-stressed areas.

Boost your brand image with sustainability

  • Stakeholders expect and welcome sustainability initiatives from their favorite brands.  Build sustainability messaging into product promotions.

Guest expert

Amanda Hamilton
Indirect Procurement Manager, McCain Foods
President, ISM-Chicago