How to Better Orchestrate Distribution Center Activities

How to Better Orchestrate Distribution Center Activities

A virtual conversation with Jeff Potts, Chief Revenue Officer at AutoScheduler.AI.

Many distribution centers today face four major challenges:

1. Constrained labor
2. Constrained space
3. Outdated software
4. Supply chain disruptions

During this conversation, Jeff discussed why these challenges exist and how to mitigate them.

Event details

Date: Wednesday, February 15
Time: 5:30-6:30 p.m. (CT)
Format: Zoom

About Jeff

Jeff Potts is Chief Revenue Officer of AutoScheduler.AI. Prior to joining AutoScheduler.AI, Jeff co-founded LeanLogistics in 1999, as the first single instance multi-tenant Transportation Management Software (TMS) company in the marketplace. LeanLogistics was acquired by Francisco Partners in 2016 and re-branded as BluJay Solutions. BluJay was acquired by E2open in 2021. The original LeanLogistics TMS solution is now the largest single instance multi-tenant TMS platform in the marketplace servicing thousands of shippers across the globe.

This event is part of our Supply Chain Management Speaker Series Class, which is held every semester to further our mission of complementing our students’ classroom experience with the advice and expertise of practitioners.