Expert insights

During our 2022 Supply Chain and Sustainability Summit, we interviewed some of our speakers and panelists. Check out the videos below for their thoughts on the future of supply chains, sustainability, and other insights.

Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms and author of The Source, talks about meaningful leadership - the kind of leadership that succeeds in running a profitable business and improving the lives of frontline workers.

Stephanie Katsaros, Founder and President of Bright Beat talks about sustainability as an ethical imperative and how the supply chain can have a positive impact on this generation and future generations.

Paul Rizzo, SVP of Fleet Management at Reyes Holdings LLC talks about the barriers to sustainable freight and Reyes Holdings' commitment to overcoming these barriers.

Nate Greensphan, Sr. Product Manager, SaaS Products at Redwood Logistics talks about freight based emissions and the pressure from customers to act sustainably and responsibly.

Michael Crandall, VP, Sales at Gebrüder Weiss talks about the responsibility companies like Gebrüder Weiss have in protecting the planet through sustainable supply chain practices.

Anubhav Shrivastava, Managing Director, Commercial Bank Trade Head at JPMorgan Chase talks about global trade finance and its role in the supply chain market.

Alexia Koutlemanis, Director, Global Sales CHQ at Nippon Express Group talks about her role and what she's learned from her customers about the future of supply chain.