bio-pharmaceutical component sales company profiles
  • Develop profiles of competitors, prospective partners, and prospective customers
  • Produce a report on product lines, business stability, size and market, financial details
  • SWOT analysis on competitors, prospective partners, and prospective customers
entertainment cost analysis
  • Cleanse data and build database
  • Perform profitability analysis to determine which locations should evaluated for closure
industry standards marketing program
  • Develop multi-pronged marketing program to elevate the firm’s profile and position them as a leader.  This including website updates, developing social media presence, leader engagement in industry gatherings
  • Competitive market research
injection molding accessories inventory optimization assessment
  • Detailed analysis on small number of representative SKUs
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Proposed change in Safety stock calculation and simulated savings of $90K across portfolio
  • Developed implementation roadmap
material handling equipment and services competitive analysis for contemplated service offering
  • Utilize market databases and conduct benchmarking to research the market and get an overview of services offered and relative prices
  • Analyze the results and formulate recommendations relative to pricing, benefits, and positioning for launch
paper manufacturing develop process maps and SOPs
  • Developed process map for inbound deliveries (drop trailers and live unloads)
  • Standard operating procedures for forklift operator, live and drop unloads
  • Developed exception report to track ongoing issues 
restaurant chain supplier relationship management
  • Designed a Supplier Engagement Strategy that maximizes the value of supplier partnerships
  • Designed tiered approach to metrics includes a mixture of internal and external data, forward and backward-looking measures, eliminated duplication, and is tailored to situation and supplier segment
  • Designed and facilitated a benchmarking / share session with one supplier and 2 leading organizations from different industries
  • Developed recommendations for implementation and training