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This page contains information and links to resources and tools that will help you develop and maintain your luc.edu websites.

Website Refresh Kickoff Meeting Materials

  1. Presentation Slides (from May 2019)

  2. Handouts

  3. The Website Refresh Process

    The UMC Digital team partner and work side by side with web clients to ensure the development of quality and effective websites. We take the following steps to help you achieve your website goals.

    • STEP 1: Perform a Card Sort activity w/ Client
    • STEP 2: Conduct a full site audit
    • STEP 3: Deliver the proposed information architecture
    • STEP 4: Recommend a road map for the Client's website
    • STEP 5: Continue to offer client web support as needed

          Additional Resources for Site Content Coordinators

          • External Resources
            • WAVE (Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool)
            • Wayback Machine (Web Archive)
            • BuiltWith (Find out the basic framework used on any website)
            • Campaign URL Builder (measure campaign conversions by tagging your webpages with utm values)
            • GIMP (Cross-Platform Image Editor)
            • PIXLR (Photo Editor)
            • SEO META in 1 Click (use this tool to better manage and improve your SEO and visibility on the Internet)