Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Photo and Video

Photography and video are a part of UMC's work in support of our strategic University-wide initiatives, with an emphasis on storytelling around Loyola's mission and brand identity. Faculty and staff can request access to our internal photo archive, public photo galleries, and existing video archive. 

Our award-winning University staff photographer, Lukas Keapproth, captures images that help to tell the story of Loyola from the perspective of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. To see a sampling of the photography work we do throughout the year, click here.

Our University videographer, Geneva Garcia, develops storytelling videos that serve our broader mission and speak to our identity as a Jesuit, Catholic University. A sample of one of our video projects can be found here.  

Photo usage guidelines

All Loyola photography is property of the University and cannot be used by students, faculty, staff, or anyone outside of Loyola without the written permission of the University.

University employees can request access to our photo library through Photoshelter for use in official University publications, websites, and social media. To request access to Photoshelter, please contact Lukas Keapproth at lkeapproth@LUC.edu

Hiring freelancers

If you should need to hire a photographer or videographer for any reason, you may contact us first to see if we may be able to partner on a strategic initiative that would further your goals and those of UMC. To discuss photo/video opportunities, or to receive access to existing photography and video, contact Scott Alessi at salessi2@LUC.edu

If you need to hire a freelancer to support your needs, please see the resources below:

Need to hire a photographer? Click here for our FAQ and recommended photographers list.

Need to hire a videographer? Click here for our FAQ and recommended videographers list.



Due to safety requirements around the coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to provide headshots on campus at this time. We hope to resume headshot photography when safety restrictions are lifted.

If you are interested in hiring a freelance photographer for headshots please visit our recommended photographers list.   

Please contact Scott Alessi at salessi2@LUC.edu.