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University Marketing and Communication

Photo and Video

Photography and video are a strategic part of UMC's work in support of our publications, website, media, and marketing initiatives, with an emphasis on storytelling around Loyola's mission. Faculty and staff can request access to our internal photo archive, public photo galleries, and existing video. We will also review requests for new photo and video to determine if they fit with our strategic priorities. Our multimedia team will work with you to collect information before determining whether we will be able to fulfill your request. Fulfillment will be based on University marketing and communication objectives. If we are unable to assist in your request we are happy to recommend a freelancer who can assist with your needs. 

To receive access to existing photography and video, or to request new photography or video, contact Scott Alessi at salessi2@LUC.edu

Need to hire a photographer? Click here for our FAQ and recommended photographers list.

Need to hire a videographer? Click here for our FAQ and recommended videographers list.



***PLEASE NOTE: Headshots for the month of August will be held on Friday, August 16. There will not be headshots on August 2.

University Marketing and Communication holds headshot sessions the first Friday of every month at WTC, Lewis Towers, Room 1413 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

At this time we are only able to offer headshots to Loyola faculty and staff—we do not have the capacity to photograph undergraduate or graduate students. Each headshot session will take approximately 5 minutes and will be taken against a black backdrop. Headshots are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis, so there is no need to schedule your time.

We also generally schedule one additional headshot session on the Lake Shore Campus each semester. Dates and times for these sessions are advertised through Inside Loyola.

Please note: Due to limited resources we are unable to schedule personal headshots or group headshot sessions outside of our regularly scheduled drop-in times. 

Questions? Please contact Scott Alessi at salessi2@LUC.edu.