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Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners


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About Us

Chicagoland Partners of English Language Learners launches second cohort in AY 2013-14

CPELL is a federally funded Department of Education/Office of English Language Acquisition grant program (grant # T365Z12006) located within the Loyola University Chicago School of Education.

There are 11 members in the second CPELL cohort who come from five different partner school districts. Current partner and mentor districts include a combined 36 different schools, 1,398 teachers, and 18,517 students.

CPELL currently offers 50% off tuition in either of our grant-related educational programs for eligible partner school district administrators, faculty, or staff. A valid teaching certificate is required for the Endorsement program.

District partners with two or more CPELL scholars benefit not only from graduate educational programs, but through delivery of data-driven professional development and parent programming, building capacity and enriching the entire educational community.

If RMTD 400 is required for you as a prerequisite, tuition will be paid by CPELL at 50%.


Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners
funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Office of English Language Acquisition
School of Education · 820 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611
Phone: 312.915.6318 · E-mail: cpell@luc.edu

Notice of Non-discriminatory Policy