Loyola University Chicago

University-School Partners

Who we are

The University-School Partners initiatives at Loyola University Chicago focus on connecting the Loyola community with public schools in Rogers Park and Edgewater. We strive to work with schools toward meeting academic, civic, and social-emotional learning goals. We work to build mutually beneficial relationships with our partner schools, where Loyola students, faculty, and staff learn from, engage in, and contribute to school communities. Loyola’s various University-School Partnership initiatives collectively serve more than 1000 Chicago Public School students in nine neighborhood CPS schools. 

University-School Partners spearheads two initiatives to support the schools in our community. The Senn/Loyola Partnership unites Senn High School with Loyola. Since beginning in 2012 at Senn, the initiative has been incredibly successful, transforming Senn into a destination for success. Between 2014 and 2019, Senn's 4-year cohort graduation rate increased by 6.5 percent and the college enrollment rate increased by 19 percent. Additionally, the number of Senn students applying to and enrolling at Loyola has increased dramatically; prior to the partnership, almost no Senn students applied to Loyola. In 2018, as part of the Community Schools Initiative, Loyola also partnered with one of Senn's feeder schools, McCutcheon Elementary School, enabling a continous partnership from kindergarten to graduation. 

University-School Partners also leads the Schools 2020 initiative. Schools 2020 brings LUC resources into schools in Rogers Park, seeking to support neighborhood-based public education by engaging, incorporating, and strengthening community schools work in several of the member schools and expanding community schools development to other school partners. Since beginning in 2017, Schools 2020 has grown to include seven partner schools and has provided a wide range of community schools programming in each of our partner schools.