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Enrolling/Change in Coverage

Employees have 31 days from the date of a qualifying life event or 31 days from their eligibility date to enroll or make changes to their health, dental, and reimbursement accounts.

After your initial enrollment as a new hire, you may change your level of coverage and/or benefit options in the following situations:

During Open Enrollment – In the fall of each year, during the open enrollment period, you have the opportunity to select benefits for the following calendar year. If you do not make a change to your benefits during annual open enrollment period, your elections for the previous year will automatically continue for the next calendar year

Flexible Spending Accounts require re-enrolling every annual open enrollment period (effective date will be January 1).

After a Qualifying Life Event – An employee may make changes to his or her benefits only during Open Enrollment or if you experience a qualifying life event.  Qualifying life events are:

  • Change in legal marital status (marriage, divorce, death of spouse/LDA, legal separation)
  • Change in number of eligible dependents (birth, placement for adoption, guardianship, or death).
  • Employment status change for you, your spouse/LDA, or your dependent (termination or commencement of employment, full-time or part-time).
  • Taking an unpaid leave of absence.
  • Dependent satisfies or ceases to satisfy eligibility requirement (attainment of age limit, marriage).
  • Residence change by you, your spouse/LDA, or dependent (moving outside of an HMO service area).
  • Change in cost or coverage due to spouse/LDA or dependent’s open enrollment.

When Coverage Ends - Your insurance will end if:

  • you no longer have active full-time status,
  • your contributions are discontinued, or 
  •  the Group Insurance Policy is terminated