Loyola University Chicago

Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Psychology Internship Program(Psyc 390)

Please return this form directly to:

Psychology Internship Faculty Recommendation Form
Print twice and ask two faculty members to complete it (one must have been your instructor for either Psyc 304 or 306), then submit it to the Internship Coordinator for review.

Instructions to student:

Please put your name and Student ID Number on this form and give it to a Psychology Department faculty member who is familiar with your work. (Two faculty recommendations are required for the internship application, one of which should be a Psych 304, 306 or lab instructor).

Student's name __________________
Student ID Number____________________

Instructions to faculty member:

The above-named student is applying for an internship course (Psych 390) in the Psychology Department and is required to provide faculty recommendations. The psychology internship is for seniors interested in working in a human service organization or an applied setting in order to gain experience in applying psychology concepts to help address questions and problems at the work site. Interns must either prepare a portfolio integrating their experiences in a human service organization with the major, or work with on-site staff in developing an applied research project.

Please complete the following section based on your experience with the student by checking the statements with which you agree and briefly answering the questions. If you have not had the opportunity to observe the student in this capacity, please mark N/A.

Please return this form directly to the Internship Coordinator, c/o Psychology Department, Coffey Hall 231 (LSC), Loyola University Chicago. Thank you for your time.  (If questions, contact the Internship Coordinator; E-mail: psyc-internship@luc.edu.

Course in which you taught the above student: ______________

If not through a course, please indicate other relationship (e.g., advisor, research supervisor):_______________

Please check the appropriate statements:
____ This student's academic performance has been acceptable or outstanding.
____ This student has the ability to work effectively with little supervision.
____ This student has demonstrated a grasp of psychology theory.
____ This student has demonstrated a grasp of psychology methodology.
____ This student is responsible about completing work assignments.
____ This student shows good interpersonal skills.
____ This student is a good candidate for the internship course.

Comments regarding any of the above statements, especially any that you did not check and any additional information that will help the internship coordinator decide whether the above student will be a good representative of the Loyola University Psychology Department in an applied setting: (Continue on separate sheet if necessary)

Date: __________________________

Name of Faculty Member (please print): ________________________



Faculty Member's Signature:


Please return this form directly to:

Internship Coordinator
Department of Psychology
1032 W. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660
e-mail: psyc-internship@luc.edu.