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Food Porn, Delusions, and Free-Range Children

by Catherine Seltz-Drew

Mukbangs I have recently been made aware of a fascinating Korean subculture known as mukbang. Basically, it’s food porn but without the involvement of any actual porn. A person, known as a “BJ” a.k.a. “broadcast jockey” (you’d think if there wasn’t any porn involved they would have chosen a less suggestive name, but oh well) […]

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  • Loyola Dance Theatre in Vietnam

    This summer, 10 Loyola students were awarded a $2,000 Provost Fellowship to study abroad on a short-term faculty-led program in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to conduct undergraduate research in dance. Prior to departure, the students collaborated with faculty member, Amy Wilkinson, M.Ed. to choreograph two original dance works. While in Vietnam, the group rehearsed with the International Choir and Orchestra of Ho Chi Minh City to produce a joint performance of Cloudburst by Eric Whitacre.