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Foreign Language Tutoring

Two ways to improve your language skills!

 For Modern Language students, we have two resources to help you gain and maintain skills in your chosen language.

Small Group Tutoring for Foreign Language Classes

For students who would like help with course material from their current language class (e.g. Span 103), we provide small group tutoring!  See our "Tutoring" page for detailed information about this service.

To register for small group tutoring, click here.

Foreign Language Speaking Groups

These groups focus on conversation skills and can include students from any level of language study.  If you are working on improving or maintaining your language skills, but aren't currently enrolled in a language class, you are welcome to join! 

  • 3-6 students per group
  • Opt into either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced
  • Group meets once a week (same day/time)
  • Sessions led by a trained peer tutor

To register for a speaking group, click here.
Note: be sure to follow the specific instructions for "Foreign Language Speaking Groups," as it is the same request form as for Small Group Tutoring.