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Harveen Mann, Ph.D.

Advisor, Pre-Law (Juniors & Seniors)

  • 773.508.7716
  • Crown Center 405

  • Harveen Mann holds a B.A. and M.A. from Panjab University (India) and a Ph.D. in English from Purdue University (USA). She specializes in postcolonial studies, South Asian literature, and third world feminism. She taught at Purdue University and Penn State University before coming to Loyola University Chicago in 1990, where she is Pre-Law Advisor and Associate Professor of English. She has published extensively on topics ranging from third world feminism to postcolonial pedagogy, and she has presented at major national and international conferences.

    In her role as Pre-Law Advisor, Dr. Mann counsels undergraduate students and alumni about the following matters among others: pursuing law as a career, taking the Law School Admission Test, selecting appropriate courses, finding internships, writing admissions essays and resumes, submitting material to the Law School Admission Council’s centralized website, selecting law schools to apply to, and financing law school.