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Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

These short videos will give some concrete examples of how to use the fair use checklist to analyze whether a particular use of copyrighted material would be considered fair use.  These are only examples and are not intended to provide definitive answers to any particular situation. 

Scenario 1: A student quotes several long passages from The Sun Also Rises in her 15-page paper.  After getting a good grade, she posts the paper on her personal blog.

Scenario 2: The student organization Loyola Goes Green wants to show the movie Food, Inc. during Hunger Week.  They are advertising the film with posters around campus and are not charging admission.

Scenario 3: Dr. Schmidt has created a PowerPoint presentation to use during her talk at an academic conference.  She uses several photos that she got from Google Images to illustrate different points in her talk.  After the conference, she uploads the file to the conference website (which is viewable by anyone on the internet) to share with other attendees.

Scenario 4: The Stop Deforestation Club creates a parody version of the movie Avatar and uploads it to YouTube.  Several short segments of the original film are included.

Scenario 5: Dr. Frank has an article from Newsweek that he likes to use for one of his assignments.  Every semester, he makes copies of the article to hand out to the students.  The article is only 2 pages long.

Scenario 6: As part of a class assignment, students create a short video and upload it to YouTube.  One student uses a song that is currently popular for the background music.  The singer is credited at the end of the video.