Loyola University Chicago

University Core

Students Entering As Freshman

All Loyola students who enter as freshmen will follow the University Core Curriculum, which will entail completion of courses in an array of Knowledge Areas.

In six of these Knowledge Areas, students will take two courses.  The first course in these Knowledge Areas will be a foundational or Tier I course that will provide an introduction to the main concepts and modes of thought common to that Knowledge Area.  Upon completing the Tier I course, students will choose from a wider array of Tier II courses that will allow students to pursue their academic interests and deepen their understanding in each Area.

In addition to courses in the content Knowledge Areas, students will also take one course that satisfies Loyola’s commitment to Engaged Learning*. Each semester, LOCUS will contain a series of courses that satisfy the Engaged Learning requirement; these courses may be part of the Core (and if so, the course would satisfy both the relevant Knowledge Area requirement and also the Engaged Learning requirement), or could be part of a student’s major or minor, or be an elective course.

For more details regarding Core requirements, please consult with your academic advisor.

 *All courses that satisfy the University Engaged Learning requirement are listed in LOCUS.