Arrupe College students participate in a discussion about the book

Arrupe College offers three degree options:

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

  • Concentrations in English, Communication, History, or Pre-STEM
  • Liberal Arts concentration with 2+2 Bilingual Education Pathway (Applicants must meet additional admissions requirements.)

Associate of Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Concentrations in Psychology, Political Science, or Criminal Justice
  • Concentration in Psychology with a 2+3 Nursing Pathway (Applicants must meet additional admissions requirements.)

Business core & premajor

  • Students will be prepared for majors in Accounting or Business Administration

The type of A.A. that you earn. Arrupe offers three degrees: Liberal Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Business Administration.


An area of study within a degree. A concentration (or "pre-major") helps you explore what you might want to study when you pursue a bachelor’s degree.


A 2+2 or 2+3 agreement between Arrupe and another Loyola college. In addition to earning an A.A. from Arrupe, you begin taking courses at another college while still at Arrupe. After graduating with an A.A. in 2 years, you earn a bachelor’s degree in 2-3 years from another Loyola college. To be eligible for a pathway, you must meet additional Admissions requirements.

You can change your degree and your concentration after you enroll at Arrupe. To join a pathway, you must apply through Admissions before you enroll at Arrupe.