CDEP 12th Annual Symposium: Inflection Points


CDEP 2023 Program

Day 1: April 13th, 2023 - Water Tower Campus, Schreiber Center 1001 (9am-5pm CDT)

9am: Welcome and Opening Remarks

Provost Margaret Callahan, Dean Elizabeth Coffman, Director Florence Chee

9:15am Session: Inflection Points In Ethical Design

Gabriela Richard, Education, Pennsylvania State University

Marcos Moldes, Senior UX Researcher, Core Product, Pinterest

10:30am Break

10:45am Session: Copyright and AI

Meera Nair, Copyright Officer, Northern Alberta Institute of Technology 

Margaret Heller, Digital Services Librarian, Loyola University Chicago

LUNCH 12pm: Business and Networking

1pm Session: Unpublishing the News

Deborah Dwyer, University of North Carolina

2:15pm Break

2:30pm Session: Cybersecurity, Laws and Norms

Nick Bilogorskiy, Security Intelligence, Google

Charlotte Tscheider, School of Law, Loyola University Chicago

3:45pm Philosopher's Cafe: Policy Brainstorm and Mixer to Follow

Day 2: April 14th, 2023 - Water Tower Campus, Beane Hall (9am-4pm CDT)

9am: Welcome to Day 2, CDEP Director Florence Chee

9:15am Session: Responsible AI and Scientific Integrity

Lama Nachman, Intelligent Systems Research, Intel

Daniel Henriques Moreira, Computer Science, Loyola University Chicago

10:30am Break

10:45am Session: Technology, Democracy and the Future

Vili Lehdonvirta, Oxford Internet Institute

Jennifer Forestal, Political Science, Loyola University Chicago

12:15pm LUNCH

1:30pm Sister Jean Fireside Chat with Florence Chee

2:30pm Break

2:45pm Philosopher's Cafe: Digital Futures and Closing Remarks, Displays

Official Close at 4pm