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There are many resources across campus that are working diligently to address structural racism, and work toward authentic change in our community, in the academy, and in our society. This list will continue to grow as we develop new information and resources.

Student Academic Services

Achieving College Excellence

Achieving College Excellence (ACE) is devoted to engaging motivated Scholars who are first-generation, high financial need, and/or have a documented disability as they discern meaning and find direction in their academic, personal, social, spiritual, and professional journeys.

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Office of the Provost

Anti-Racism Initiative

The Anti-Racism Initiative (ARI) brings together the Loyola community to address the inherent systemic inequities in our society that impacts our community in an effort to create tangible and lasting transformation for a fully inclusive culture.

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Office of the Provost

Black Graduate Student Alliance (BGSA)

We are Loyola's first graduate alliance that is dedicated to Black graduate students across the LUC campuses.

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Division of Student Development

Brothers for Excellence (B4E)

Brothers for Excellence provides support and encouragement to Men of Color through facilitated mentoring relationships with male faculty and staff of color.

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Division of Student Development

Center for Student Assistance & Advocacy

As a centralized website for reporting student concerns, CSAA, led by the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS), provides support, coordination, case management, and resource referrals for student concerns across the university.

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Division of Student Development

Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and/or Retaliation Reporting

Need to file a report about Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and/or Retaliation? Matters involving a Loyola faculty, staff, or student may be reported online. Please note: Anonymous reporting is available.

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Division of Student Development

Empowerment Pipeline

Empowerment Pipeline strives to address educational inequalities by empowering underrepresented students to pursue and complete higher education.

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Office of the Provost

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE)

EDGE is a graduate student collective that strives to promote equity and foster community among graduate students across all intersecting identities.

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Office of the Provost

Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Liaison (DEIL) program advises academic units on best practices to recruit and retain underrepresented faculty, hold multiple DEI workshops for depts/schools across the University and serve as Diversity Advocates on search committees.

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Office of the Provost

Gannon Center for Women & Leadership

The Gannon Center educates and fosters women leaders to contribute in the development of a more just social order.

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Stritch School of Medicine

Health Professionals Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP)

HPREP is the Stritch School of Medicine signature outreach program, for high school students in the Maywood, Cicero and Berywn area, designed to attract underrepresented students to careers in the health professions.

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Office of the Provost

Institute for Racial Justice

The Institute for Racial Justice at Loyola University Chicago is a hub for the University and strategic partners to accelerate racial justice through transformative research, empowering education, and impactful community engagement.

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Division of Student Development

Loyola University Chicago Empowering Sisterhood (LUCES)

LUCES is an intergenerational and intersectional community that serves undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, and alumni of Loyola University Chicago to support our experiences as self-identified Women and People of Color (W/POC), including Trans* and gender non-conforming individuals, at a predominately White institution.

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Veteran Services

Military Veteran Student Services

MVSS supports our military affiliated students with their integration into the Loyola community. Through academic and social programming, MVSS staff assists students in identifing the correct resources that will empower them to reach their full potential, ensuring the greatest impact in the community and beyond.

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Division of Student Development

Multicultural Living-Learning Community

The Multicultural Living-Learning Community is home to students who share a passion for exploring issues of diversity and social justice and becoming agents of social change.

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Division of Student Development

My Brother's Keeper LLC

My Brother’s Keeper Living-Learning Community is a brand new residential LLC in 2020-2021 that brings together Black students who identify as men in their first year at Loyola to develop a sense of belonging.

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Student Academic Services

New Student Programs (NSP)

The Special Populations Team promotes academic resilience, discernment, and success while navigating the Loyola Student Experience by providing intentional advising, wraparound support, and attainment based programming.

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Division of Student Development

Office for Equity & Compliance (OEC)

The Office for Equity & Compliance (“OEC”) centralizes and coordinates University-wide compliance with Title IX and other equity-based federal and state laws and regulations. The OEC exists to promote a culture of safety and inclusion within all University workplaces and educational settings.

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Office of the Provost

Provost's Office of Academic Diversity

The Provost’s Office of Academic Diversity has three main objectives: providing education, building community, and supporting faculty

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Division of Student Development

Q-Initiatives (Queer Initiatives)

Queer Initiatives are spaces and programs for anyone identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex or queer in any way.

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Department of Intercollegiate Athletics

Rambler Alliance for Equity

Rambler Athletics initiatives to provide an environment where individuals feel safe, respected and valued regardless of, but not limited to, their race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender orientation, religious beliefs or age.

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Division of Student Development

Seizing Opportunities for Academic Resilience (SOAR)

SOAR is a transition program for first-year and transfer undergraduate students who identify as student of color and/or first generation.

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Stritch School of Medicine

Stritch School of Medicine Academic Center for Excellence & Accessibility

The mission of ACE is to enhance the academic performance of all students in the Stritch School of Medicine by providing evidence-based advising and support for coursework, USMLE preparation, and clerkships through individual and group services.

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Stritch School of Medicine

Stritch School of Medicine Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Through our initiatives and programs, the Stitch Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion aims to create a climate where all are empowered to thrive and make a unique contribution to academic medicine.

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Student Academic Services

Student Accessibility Center (SAC)

The Student Accessibility Center supports, serves, and empowers Loyola University Chicago students with disabilities.

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Division of Student Development

Student Activities & Greek Affairs (SAGA)

SAGA provides students with a variety of opportunities to explore their interests across a multitude of disciplines and fields.

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Division of Student Development

Student Diversity & Multicultural Affairs (SDMA)

The Department of Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (SDMA) at Loyola University Chicago advances the recognition and appreciation of our diverse community, promotes multicultural education across campus, strives to ensure the retention and success of underrepresented students, and fosters a supportive, inclusive environment for all students, faculty and staff.

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Division of Student Development

Student Diversity Council

The Student Diversity Council serves primarily as a body of student representatives that address issues surrounding diversity at the university and engage in leadership development opportunities.

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Division of Student Development

Students Together Are Reaching Success (STARS)

STARS is a student-to-student mentorship program providing first-year students of color and/or first-generation students with the support and resources to successfully find a home with academic, co-curricular, personal, and social rigors of college, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive into their second year.

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Stritch School of Medicine

The Proviso United with Loyola Students for Educational Enrichment (PULSE)

Designed to provide high school students with educational enrichment in science and medicine, mentoring/career advice and college preparation assistance, PULSE is an excellent academic, professional,  and social development opportunity for Proviso high school students interested in a career in medicine.

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Division of Student Development

Undocumented Student Programs (USP)

USP is a campus wide initiative designed to foster community, build awareness on issues related to undocumented student experiences at Loyola, and bolster on-campus support for and the inclusion of undocumented students.

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Division of Student Development

Water Tower Campus Life (WTCL)

WTCL provides outreach to underclass, upper-class, graduate and professional students through a variety of programs, services and advocacy efforts, working together with faculty, staff and student organizations.

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