Loyola University Chicago

Diversity and Inclusion at Loyola


  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT AND CIVIL DISCOURSE: Provides information about local, national, and global news pertaining to diversity, inclusion, equity, engagement, and social justice initiatives. 
  • DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT DIVERSITY & MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS: A dedicated resource for students to learn more about equity and inclusive focused opportunities available at Loyola. This includes modeling awareness about diversity related programming and scholarships. 
  • DIVERSITY IN THE NEWS: Learn more about University efforts designed to create and foster a campus community dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equity.
  • FELLOWSHIPS AND STUDY ABROAD: Interested in learning more about fellowships and study abroad opportunities available to Loyola students? A number of funds are available for Loyola students and may have a spring or summer application deadline. 
  • Heritage Month Recognition: Interested in learning about cultures, customs, and other information unique to a specific identity? In partnership with campus departments, we will promote heritage month related information.
  • KEY TERMS ABOUT CULTURAL COMPETENCY: Interested in learning more about social identity and how it intersects power and privilege with varying realities based on actual and perceived culture? 
  • LITERATURE RESOURCES: The Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs department maintains a list of diversity related reading materials in support of creating an awareness, advocacy, and action model dedicated to eliminating disparities (i.e. healthcare, financial, academic, etc.).
  • LOYOLA CURRICULUM AND OTHER ACADEMIC RESOURCES: Learn more about diversity focused courses available to students at Loyola.
  • LOYOLA DIVERSITY COMMITTEES: University departments across the Lakeside and Health Sciences campuses are engaging faculty, staff, and students in an efforts designed to create a global and inclusive campus experience.
  • REPORTS: Learn more about diversity related reporting available through a number of organizations. 
  • SAFE SPACES: Loyola provides a series of Share the Dream Undocumented Student Ally Training  and Safe Space workshops designed to inform participants about federal and state policies impacting undocumented immigrants, and resources to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual (LGBTQIA) community of Loyola University Chicago. 
  • SCHOLARSHIPS: Interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities available to Loyola students? A number of funds are available for Loyola students and may have a spring or summer application deadline.