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DEI Classroom

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Dialogue Through Education

We pride ourselves in providing a transformative education shaped by the diversity and social justice woven into our curriculums and degree programs. Discover the ways our classrooms help foster healthy dialogues for progress.

Arrupe College

Arrupe College is a two-year college of Loyola University Chicago that continues the Jesuit tradition of offering a rigorous liberal arts education to a diverse population.

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Q Talks Podcast - Seeks to engage the community in discussions around systemic racism in corporations, in our community, and in our personal lives.

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School of Education

ED Talks - Series features SOE faculty presenting provocative ideas in a TED Talk-style format. We explore theories about educational leadership, brought to life by expert practitioners in the field.

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The Covid Equity Response Collaborative - A team of public health, medicine, nursing, law, and social work students and professionals working in partnership with community leaders and public health officials to minimize the harm from COVID to at-risk populations in the Chicago area.

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Stritch School of Medicine

Aims to eliminate racism in the practice of medicine, to foster crucial conversations aimed at recognizing that racism is a public health crisis, and to prepare future physicians to treat all patients with equal dignity and respect.

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We strive to be a welcoming and supportive environment that welcomes qualified undocumented individuals to join their peers and achieve their full potential in serving others.

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MSW/MJ in Social Justice

MSW/MJ in Social Justice - This program is ideal for those who see a role for themselves in an organization that serves individuals and communities or advocates for social change.

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MA in Pastoral Studies - General & Four Concentrations

MA Pastoral Studies/MW - Offering bilingual degrees to help students reach their full potential by offering courses in their native languages

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BA in Advocacy and Social Change

The advocacy and social change major helps students prepare for the fulfillment of that mission, not only while at the university but also as they move into the rest of their lives.

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Training Mentors, Saving Lives

Loyola senior Michael Anjorin helps lead the Saving Lives, Inspiring Youth (SLIY) program, helping to train high schoolers to be mentors for middle school students.

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Leading for DEI

A joint program between The Baumhart Center and Institute for Racial Justice, Leading for DEI, Leading for DEI engages leaders to explore how DEI can enhance each business function—from human resources to supply chain to executive governance—and add social, financial, and societal value.

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Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

Law - The Office of Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity fosters an exchange of ideas and shared experiences. Our goal is a simple one: for all members of our law school community to feel valued and supported.

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The power of education

Aurora Chang knows from personal experience the stresses that face young undocumented Americans, and she's devoted to helping others overcome those challenges

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Digging in

As Loyola's own Indiana Jones, Chris Hernandez believes archeology can be used to address today's social inequities

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Required reading

Long Le-Khac's effort to diversify Loyola's English curriculum will help bring underrepresented voices to the table

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Time travel

Tikia Hamilton steps into the past to glean insight about our present—and the future

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Filling prescriptions

Professor of bioinformatics Whelton Miller helps design medicine—long before it reaches pharmacy shelves

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Retail therapy

Why do we buy the things we do? Professor of marketing Robert Arias seeks to find out

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Loyola Nursing Receives $2.2M in Federal Funding

Loyola University Chicago’s Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing received a $2.2 million, four-year Nursing Workforce Development grant from the HRSA, charged with improving health care for people who are geographically isolated or economically and medically vulnerable.

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The support system

After a trying pandemic year, Arrupe College’s staff and faculty are finding fresh ways to enhance their distinctive “reach-in” culture.

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‘We made it this far. We will be doctors.’

Loyola's Stritch School of Medicine was the first medical school in the country to accept applicants who openly shared their DACA status. Read more about how they're achieving their dreams.

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Office of the Provost

Faculty Affairs

The Faculty Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Liaison (DEIL) program advises academic units on best practices to recruit and retain underrepresented faculty, hold multiple DEI workshops for depts/schools across the University and serve as Diversity Advocates on search committees.

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Office of the Provost

Provost's Office of Academic Diversity

The Provost’s Office of Academic Diversity has three main objectives: providing education, building community, and supporting faculty

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Stritch School of Medicine

Stritch School of Medicine Academic Center for Excellence & Accessibility

The mission of ACE is to enhance the academic performance of all students in the Stritch School of Medicine by providing evidence-based advising and support for coursework, USMLE preparation, and clerkships through individual and group services.

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