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Six Sigma

Become a certified Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt:

Contribute to long term sustainable results for your organization. The Six Sigma approach to problem solving can be used in any business by using a set of quality management methods and statistics. The goal of Six Sigma is to improve processes by identifying defects and reducing variation in business processes, making it a crucial part of successful supply chain operations. Our Green Belt and Black Belt courses are delivered online with weekly, live lectures with topics organized by the five-phase DMAIC approach:

  • Define: Define the process and goals
  • Measure: Measurement Systems Analysis and defining how capable your existing process is
  • Analyze: Lean Systems, Continuous Improvement, Root Cause Analysis
  • Improve: Change Management, Mistake Proofing, Generating Innovative, Data Driven Solutions
  • Control: Planning for Continual Improvement, Standardizing work, closing out the project, determining next steps, Sustainability and Benchmarking Techniques

Green Belt

This 8 week program introduces the Six Sigma approach and DMAIC methodology. Participants will emerge from the program with the necessary tools to be able to perform and implement Six Sigma as a certified professional.

Upcoming Sessions  
ONLINE: June 2 - July 21, 2021
Lessons uploaded on Mondays, live lectures on on Wednesdays at 7pm CDT
Registration closes May 26, 2021
$2,500  Register

Black Belt

The 16 weeks will begin with an extensive review of the Six Sigma approach and DMAIC methodology. Participants will look at quality improvements and recap the Lean and Six Sigma concepts. The course will then take a deeper dive into the five phases of the DMAIC methodology.  There is a major emphasis on Change Management and how to rollout successful projects followed by learning to close out a project with sustainability.

Upcoming Sessions  
ONLINE: Jan. 27 - May 12, 2021
Lessons uploaded on Mondays, live lectures on Tuesdays at 7pm CDT
$4,000 Register