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The next generation of leaders sees business through a global lens. In partnership international, Jesuit educational institutions, the Executive and Professional Education Center develops customized experiences bringing professionals international perspectives of the fluid world economy. The Quinlan School of Business offers first-class faculty, specialized expertise, and flexibility to create a program to transform your skills. 

By exploring management issues, global challenges, and comparative business practices in the United States and abroad, participants will emerge with a broader understanding of international business and strategy, a deeper knowledge and insight of leadership, and valuable perspectives to bring back to their companies and industries. Ultimately, participants will be equipped to navigate and succeed in the complex world of global business.

To create a comprehensive and practical experience, we incorporate different teaching techniques. Programs could include:

  • Site visits/company tours
  • Academic lectures
  • Group project work
  • Case studies
  • One-on-one coaching sessions



Loyola's Water Tower Campus prominent location makes arranging lodging easy and convenient. Participants are welcome to arrange stay at any local hotel, many of which provide discounts for Loyola. We also have Baumhart Hall, Loyola's on-campus lodging for guests.

Meals & Private Dining

Whether you'd like to provide coffee stations, a working lunch, or private celebratory reception as part of your offering, we will make it happen.

Free Time

Participants get opportunities throughout their stay to explore all Chicago has to offer in their down time. Our staff is happy to make recommendations.

We believe an interdisciplinary approach enhances professionals' experience. The Executive and Professional Education Center is housed within the Quinlan School of Business, and utilizes Loyola's resources in Law, Social Work, Healthcare, Communications, and Arts and Sciences to provide the most comprehensive training for our participants.

Stemming from our Ignatian pedagogy, our team strives to provide every client with a transformative education that empowers individuals to create a more just, humane, and sustainable world. We establish meaningful relationships with our clients to ensure we're providing practical solutions to today's business challenges. We believe in the impact generated when we bridge the gaps between personal growth, social responsibility, and business ventures.

Got questions?

If you have any questions regarding our courses or custom programs, please schedule a virtual appointment with our program manager, Kayla.

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Office Phone: 312.915.6780
Office Email: executive-ed@luc.edu

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