Chicago Growing outside the classroom

Quinlan in the business community

Students in the Quinlan School of Business engage with the Chicago-area businesses—inside and outside the classroom.

Both graduate and undergraduate courses pair teams of students with real-world clients, ranging from community-based nonprofits to multinational corporations. Outside of their coursework, student organizations provide pro bono consulting to client organizations as part of their service to the community.

Clients receive insightful plans and strategies that they can immediately implement. Students receive hands-on experience in tackling real-world problems. But practical skills and the theory behind them aren’t the only lessons for students: They also learn the value of ethical business.

“We are sending these students out, prepared not only in the tools they need to succeed, but also to be the ethical voice of reason when they are at the decision-making table,” said Jenna Drenten, assistant professor of marketing in Quinlan.

Watch Drenten's undergraduate marketing class in action, as they work with CycleBar Evanston, a cycling fitness studio located just north of Chicago.(VIDEO: Heather Eidson)