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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to LU ChOICE?

College graduates, or those expected to graduate in the spring prior to entry into the program, are invited to apply. If your undergraduate degree is in the field of education, you should not have the license that is offered by LU ChOICE (see below). Contact the program director, for a more detailed discussion about the eligibility of education majors.

Persons currently teaching can apply. All members of the LU ChOICE program complete their field experiences in a Catholic School in the city of Chicago. 

Applicants must have in interest in working with elementary school children and receiving a Professional Educator License (PEL) with an elementary endorsement (grades 1 -6) allowing you to teach self-contained grades 1-6. LU ChOICE teachers can be placed in grades 1-8. Those teaching 7th or 8th grade must also teach 6th grade in order to meet licensing requirements

I am not a Loyola student or graduate. Can I apply?

Yes, LU CHOICE welcomes graduates of schools other than Loyola.

Can I teach high school in LU ChOICE?

Since our members are receiving a Master's degree in Elementary Education, with Elementary certification, LU ChOICE places teachers in elementary schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago in grades first through eighth. We do not place our teachers in high schools.

Where do I complete my field experiences?

The LU CHOICE director will work with all members to place them in a Catholic School in the city of Chicago. All field placement must be completed in a Catholic School in the city of Chicago.

The program can connect members to schools that are interested in hiring our members for full time positions. 

The experience in a full time position does count toward all program field requirements. 

How many graduate classes will I take?

Loyola's School of Education created a class sequence for LU CHOICE that will prepare its teachers for the classroom as well as fulfill the requirements of the Master's degree with certification. LU CHOICE teachers take classes each summer, during each semester of teaching, and earn student-teaching credit hours, for a total of 49 credit hours.

What are the benefits of teaching in LU ChOICE?

Participants receive several benefits, both tangible and intangible. The program will match members with schools looking to hire our members for full-time positions. Each LU ChOICE teacher receives a salary from their school as well as Health insurance. 

LU ChOICE provides an opportunity to earn an M.Ed from Loyola University Chicago. All school tuition, fees, and program-related expenses are covered by the LU ChOICE program. Most importantly, LU ChOICE allows participants to put their faith into action through spiritual formation and teaching in a Catholic School.

What expenses do LU CHOICE teachers incur?

While in the program all tuition and fees are covered by the program. All spiritual formation activities are also covered by the program. Quite often there are also funds to cover books. 

Members pay graduation fees and fees related to having a cap and gown for graduation.

Members are also responsible for transportation to/from all LU CHOICE/graduate school events. (field placement, classes, seminars, retreats, days of reflection).