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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to Magis?

College graduates interested in pursuing one of the graduate degrees offered through the Magis program are welcome to apply.  For more detailed information on program admission requirements, see the program application.

What graduate degrees are offered through Magis?

Social Work, and degrees offered through the Institue of Pastoral Studies. Dual degree programs are not offered through  Magis and these are the only degrees offered through the program.

I am not a Loyola student or graduate. Can I apply?

Yes, Magis welcomes graduates of schools other than Loyola.

May I participate in Magis, but not live in community?

Living in community is not a requirement of the Magis program. Community is a program value and community is built via our program co hort model. Participants interested in living in an intentional community may be connected to posible opportunities. 

What are the internship requirements?

The SOSW and the IPS require all students to compete an internship/field placement. These graduate schools offer a variety of non-paid options in a variety of settings.

The Magis program, however, requires its members to complete their internship/field placement at a Catholic Agency. Participants can work with their respective graduate program to find an appropriate placement at a  Catholic Agency. 

Participants interested in a paid internship can work with the Magis program as we facilitate matching participants with any possible paid positions at Catholic agencies.** The work done at the partner agency is also considered the internship/field placement. 

** Opportunties are often limited and a paid internship is not a guarantee of the program. 

If an applicant is currently working at a Catholic agency the applicant can work with their respective graduate program to determine if that agency and its work can be conunted toward the internship requirement. 

** Payment and benefits are offered through the agency. 

For more detailed information about placements, and the placement process, see the program handbook and the program application.

How many graduate classes will I take?

Participants take the classes required by the  degree program. Three is not limit as to how many classes are taken each semester. This is determined by the student and their academic advisor. A plan is submitted to the Magis director each spring for the upcoming academic year. 

What are the benefits of participating in Magis?

Participants receive several benefits, both tangible and intangible.

Magis provides an opportunity to earn a master’s degree from Loyola University Chicago, on a full scholarship. All tuition and related fees, are covered by the Magis Scholarhip. Books, as well as all costs related to the fomational elements of the program, are covered by the Magis Scholarship. 

The formational elements of the program are intended to be a holistic process - encouraging intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, ethical, and moral growth.

What expenses do Magis Volunteers incur?

While in the program all tuition and fees related to graduate degree completion are covered by the program. There are usually funds to cover all needed books. All expenses related to retreats and days of refle ction are covered by the program.

Members are responsible for transportation to/from all Magis events. (field site, class, days of reflection, retreats). 

Members are responsible for graduation fees as well and any fees for cap and gown. 

Living expenses are not covered by the Magis scholarship or the Magis program.

Will I need a car?

While some Magis members do find having a car convenient, having a car is not a requirement. 

Transportation to/from all graduate school and Magis events is the responsibility of the participant. 

What do Magis participants do?

  • Take Master's level courses at Loyola University Chicago. Depending on the degree program you choose, you will earn your Master's Degree in two or three years.
  • Participate in field experience/internship in a Catholic Agency. 
  • Participate in formation that is intended to be a holistic process - encouraging intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, ethical, and moral growth.

What will I receive in the program if my application is approved?

Magis offers you:

  • graduate tuition
  • health insurance
  • deferral of your current student loans
  • a strong formation program
  • facilitates a paid internship opportunity. 

Program Details:

  • Participants usually take six credit hours per semester. (Those students in the social work and divinity program consistently take more than six credit hours per semester. Students in these degree program will be in the JVC Magis program for three years). More than six hours per semester can be taken if necessary and if permission is granted by the director.
  • You will have the opportunity to live in a community of up to five Magis volunteers.
  • You may have the opportunity to interview for a paid internship. 
  • You may bring your own car, however, you will need to cover all expenses for your car including insurance if you choose to bring one.
  • You will be able to participate in a strong formation program that is intended to be a holistic process - encouraging intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual, ethical, and moral growth.