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Islamic World Studies Minor

Islamic World Studies Minor


Loyola's Islamic World Studies minor introduces students to the rich global heritage of Islamic civilization and the diversity of contemporary Muslim societies. Islam has had a lasting influence on cultures in the Middle East, South and South East Asia, Europe and Africa.

The minor offers a unique opportunity for students to learn about historical, political and religious aspects of Muslim societies as well as artistic, literary and cultural achievements of Islamic civilization. Our minor also allows the study of the vibrant Muslim community in the United States, of which Chicago is a major center. Several languages of the Muslim world, including Arabic, are offered at Loyola and may count towards the minor. A Minor in Arabic Language and Culture is also a good fit for interested students.

Expertise in Islamic studies and in the politics, history, cultures and languages of the Muslim World is needed in many careers today, including academia, business, law, medicine, international relations and national security.

Students who plan to continue in a graduate program of Middle Eastern, South Asian, or Islamic Studies or related fields acquire a solid foundation in this program. Our students have continued at University of Chicago, Harvard, and other prestigious programs. Many have received summer and year long scholarships from the US government to continue or begin studies of the languages of the Muslim world.