We offer 15 courses including client counseling, negotiation, mediation, mediation advocacy, international commercial arbitration, restorative justice and an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) overview course. You will get in-depth skills training and opportunities to work with real people in a mediation session as the mediator or as a supervised student attorney representing a client.

This curriculum supports the Dispute Resolution program's mission to help students:

  • Gain strong negotiation skills in courses like Mediation Advocacy and Negotiation Seminar;
  • Learn about international commercial arbitration;
  • Represent real clients in employment mediations in the Advanced Mediation Advocacy Practicum;
  • Serve as a mediator in the Mediation Certification and Courthouse Practicum;
  • Practice skills at an ADR Externship;
  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations in any setting;
  • Compete on one of the Dispute Resolution Program teams

View the Dispute Resolution Program suggested course progression.