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  1. Banning Online Bullies: Analyzing the Expansion of Illinois Cyberbullying Laws
    by: Mervat Amine
  2. Extending Plyler v. Doe to the Twenty-First Century
    by: Grace Chua
  3. The Flaws in The Methods of Desegregation
    by: Jordan Hall
  4. Sorry Kids: Safety Trumps Privacy
    by: James Kearney
  5. Mental Illness in Academia: Middle School Foundations for Higher Education
    by: Christine Suhae Kim
  6. Filling the Void: Non-profits as Gap Fillers When Urban School Systems Fall Short
    by: Ari Malman
  7. The Relationship Between Teacher Education and Teacher Effectiveness: Lessons from the Ontario Public School System
    by: Hillary Maynard
  8. Free Speech in The Quad: Why First Amendment Oppression is Not The Path to Racial Justice
    by: Anna S. Morrissey
  9. Helping Schools Make The Transition: The Importance of Advocating for Transgender Youth in Education
    by: Gavin Quinn
  10. Building Blocks: The Hidden Benefit of the Every Student Succeeds Act on Early Childhood Education
    by: Stephanie Romeo
  11. Special Education Integration: Benefits Beyond Students with Disabilities
    by: Emily Tulloch
  12. America the Beautiful, Diverse, and Religiously Ignorant: The Importance of Teaching World Religions in American Public Schools
    by: Xavier Vergara
  13. Stabilizing educational opportunities and success for students dealing with housing instability
    by: Erika C. Weaver
  14. English as a Second Language: The New Segregation
    by: Krystina Yackle