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The Limits of Public Education


1. Amy McCarthy An Endorsement of Charter School Education
2. Conor Fleming Regulating Home Schooling: Can We Protect Children From Their Parents' Martyrdom?
The Right to an Education and the Equitable Distribution of Educational Resources


3. Kim Kocek The Aftermath of San Antonio v. Rodriguez: Arguments in Favor of a Fundamental Right to a Minimally Adequate Education in the 21st Century
4. Melissa Kelley Equal Footing Requires Action Before Their First Step
5. Margaret Egan Mind the Gap: Reforming the Illinois Education Funding Formula
Federal Standards and Testing


6. Megan Malone A Call for Action: Revamping Standardized Testing to Grant Children Their Fundamental Right to a Fair and Equitable Education

7. Bradley R.

The No Child Left Behind Act: The Making and Remediating of Education and National Unity
Religion and Public Education


8. Amanda McBride At the Right Hand of Our Fathers: Religion's Place in Today's Public School Classrooms
9. Mona Elgindy The End of an Era to Keep Religious Identity Out of Public Schools
10. Lauren Rafferty School Vouchers After President Obama
11. Dominique
Embracing Religious Institutions Operating Charter Schools
The Rights and Responsibilities of Students


12. Kathleen
Sticks and Stones: Student Speech in the Internet Era
13. Michael Baniak Student Internet Speech and the First Amendment in the Age of My Space and Facebook
14. Simon Hotz Campus Gun Control: Historical Bases for Second Amendment Rights and the Suggestive Force of a School's First Amendment Restrictions
15. Jeanine Oury Strip Searches Strip Good Schools of Their Titles
16. Tchedly Desire  
Racial and Gender Equality in Educational Institutions


17. Amy
Diversity in Lower Education as a Compelling Governmental Interest
18. Noah Hurwitz Analyzing Kennedy's Race Proxies in the Courts and in the Classroom
19. Elizabeth
Integrating Schools Post-PICS
20. Aaron
Self-Identity and Private Schooling: The Detrimental Effects of Public Schools on the Formation of Muslin-American Self-Identity
21. Michael
Tracking is Inherently Unequal
22. Lauren Engel
23. Eileen
Single Sex Education in Elementary and Secondary Public Schools
24. Jacqueline
Diversity in Michigan Public Universities after Grutter, Gratz, and the MCRI
25. Jonathan
Taking Thomas Seriously: Using the Stigma of Affirmative Action to Advance Wholesale Education Reform
Students With Educational Disabilities


26. Mia L. Kern The Cost of a Free Appropriate Public Education: Autism in Albuquerque
27. Caitlin
McKay Vouchers v. the IDEA: School Choice and the Future of Special Education
28. Megan
The Transition of Children With Disabilities from the Public School System
29. Lauren Kraus The Impact of No Child Left Behind on IDEA's Guarantee of Free Appropriate Public Education for Students with Disabilities: A Critical Review of Recent Case Law
30. Christy Sicher Children Left Behind: Conflicting Special Education Legislation and Their Affect on the Increase of Children with Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System
31. Meg Helder A New Standard for Educating Children with Disabilities: How does Rowley Align with the Current Requirements of IDEA?
The Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers


32. Emily DeYoe Alternative Teacher Certification
33. Michele Roulbot Teacher Tenure: A Life Sentence for Kids
34. Megan Gordon How to Make Traditional Tenure Systems More Flexible and Effective While Still Providing Professors with the Protections they Deserve
35. Bree Williams New York City Rubber Rooms: The Legality of Temporary Reassignment Centers in the Context of Tenured Teachers' Due Process Rights
36. Nadia Aslam School Liability in Cases of Peer Harassment
The Educational Environment


37. Ann Fenton Growing Trends: School-Based Community Gardens as a Grassroots Response to Childhood Obesity