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  1. Rehabilitation or Recidivism: The Difference is Education
    by: Ben Beaird

  2. Cyber Bullying: The Need for the Supreme Court to Establish Precedent
    by: Shawki Bell
  3. Restorative Practices: An Educator’s Guide to Getting Started
    by: Brianne Dunn

  4. R.J. v. Jones: The ACLU Demands the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice Provide Adequate Educational Services to Incarcerated Juveniles
    by: Jessica L. Fangman
  5. Freedom of Speech for Students in the Digital Era: The Time for an Update
    by: Taylor Feldman
  6. “To the Maximum Extent Appropriate”: A Call for Implementation Guidance for School Districts
    by: Jennifer Fenton

  7. Law Journals and Restrictions on Freedom of Speech: The Barrier that Should Be Broken
    by: Jennifer Fox
  8. Illinois Should Mandate Enrollment In Kindergarten
    by: Lauren Goyette
  9. Educational Neglect: A Symptom of a Child in Crisis
    by: Josiah Harris
  10. Education Reduces Recidivism
    by: Alison Hill
  11. The New Gender Gap: A Declaration of War
    by: Kathleen Hoy
  12. Chicago Segregation, 1960s Student-Led Resistance, and Confrontational Limits in the Global City
    by: Nikolas Kaplan
  13. A Failing Marriage: The Detrimental Effects of TIF on Chicago Public Schools
    by: Ahmed Karrar
  14. “The New Neighborhood School: A Review of the Robinson Community Learning Center”
    by: Sean Langan
  15. A Failed Means of Assessment: Alternatives to Standardized Testing
    by: Sean Lenckus
  16. Environmental Education
    by: Luisa Lewis
  17. Achieving Diversity: Alternatives to Race-Based Affirmative Action Programs
    by: Eric Makinen
  18. Puerto Rico’s Education System: The Language and Political Problem
    by: Karydith Morales
  19. Rights Turned Into Privileges: The Death of College Affordability in California
    by: Ahmed Mostafa
  20. The Benefits of Implementing Reflection Rooms in Public Schools
    by: Leen Nachawati
  21. The Funding Crisis Facing Public K-12 Education in Illinois: Examination of the Vision 20/20 Policy Reform Plan
    by: Daniel O'Brien
  22. The Community Dynamic of Education: Changing the lives of the urban Chicago youth of American Indian families through charter schools.
    by: Sarah Patarino
  23. Restructuring Public Education to be more like the Military and Government
    by: Germond Ché Patton
  24. School Safety and the Student Resource Officer
    by: Alex Potestivo
  25. When Lemons Are Not Enough: An Analysis of the Lemon Test In Establishment Clause Cases
    by: Mariam Rahman
  26. Quantifying LGBT Inclusion in Law Schools
    by: Alexis Rangel
  27. Chicago’s Failed Charter School Experiment
    by: Valeria Reyes
  28. Mental Health Screening in Schools
    by: Jessica Saltiel
  29. The Negative Effects of High-Stakes Testing
    by: Pamela Spann
  30. Stretching the Justifiable Limit: The Ineffectiveness and Constitutional Violation of Random School Drug Testing
    by: Shannon Stolzer
  31. How the Common Core State Standards Can Lead to National Economic Success
    by: Lisa Wiggin