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Summer Financial Aid Process

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) will evaluate the aid eligibility for all students enrolled half-time in summer courses. You will receive an email with further information on your summer financial aid eligibility beginning in April.

Students who will be enrolled for summer and will graduate at the end of the summer session or the end of the fall semester, should contact the FAO office for more information about aid options.

Enrollment Requirements:
To receive federal assistance for Summer Sessions, you must be enrolled at least half-time. For students enrolled for semester programs, it is two credit hours. The credits may be taken in one session or may be divided between sessions.

Available Aid Programs - Graduate
Graduate financial assistance is available from the following programs, if eligibility requirements are met:

- Direct Unsubsidized Federal Loans (available only to students who did not borrow the maximum for the academic year)

- Direct Graduate PLUS Loans
Private Educational Loans (there is no enrollment requirement for these loans)