Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Paralegal Studies

Corporate Practice

The Corporate Practice Certificate is designed to prepare students to work in areas of law that are important in the transaction of business, such as corporate maintenance, due diligence, contracts, commercial transactions, and regulatory compliance.


Learning Outcomes

Corporate Practice Certificate in Paralegal Studies graduates will be able to:

  • Prepare summaries of court decisions, statutes, and administrative regulations.
  • Develop legal arguments using court decisions, statutes, and administrative regulations.
  • Locate relevant legal sources from federal and state jurisdictions
  • Apply paralegal and attorney code of ethics to situations typically encountered by paralegals
  • Demonstrate intermediate competence using typical office software including word processing, spreadsheets, PDF’s
  • Assist attorneys who work for corporate clients document the organization and operation of business entities.
  • Retrieve information to conduct due diligence procedures for commercial and real estate transactions.
  • Draft contract provisions and coordinate the administrative process for contracts.
  • Help clients in regulated industries demonstrate compliance with government regulations.