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University Policies in Alphabetical Order

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Academic Council - CAS

Academic Policies - Faculty Administration

Academic Policies - Graduate School

Academic Policies for Study Abroad

Academic Standards and Regulations

Acceptable Use of Electronic University Resources

Acceptable Use Policy for University Computing Labs

Access Use of University Electronic Mail Systems for Electronic Mass Communications

Advanced Account Authorization

Advanced Account Authorization Form

Anti-Nepotism Policy

Antivirus Policy

Approving Requests in excess of $5,000


Budget Application System (BAS) User Guide

Bursar Services - Withdrawal Policy

Bursar Services - Tuition Payment Policy

Bursar Services - Tuition & Fees

Bursar Services - Returned Check Policy

Buyer Actions Metrics


Campus Dialogue, Guidelines for: Respect the Conversation

Capital Expenditure Policy

Capital Asset Management Policy

Carry Forward Policy (Academic Area)

Carry Forward Policy (Chapel Wedding Revenues)

Central Clinical Trial Accounts Policies and Procedures

Certification of Student Participation on Sponsored Research Projects

Cloud Computing Policy

Code of Conduct

Computer Security Standard

Conference Services Policy

Confidentiality Agreement

Conflict of Interest

Consensual Relationship Policy

Contract Policy

Copyright at Loyola University Chicago

Cost Overdraft Policy

Cost Transfers Policy

Credit Card Policy


Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Disposal of Sensitive Data

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Data Breach Response Policy

Data Classification Policy


Effort Certification Policy, Definitions & FAQs

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Policies and Procedures

Electronic Mail and Voice Mail Use and Disclosure

Electronic Security Sensitive Data

Employee Relations

Employment Review Period

Encryption Policy

Endowment Spending Policy

Equal Opportunity


Facility Rental Policy

Faculty Council

Faculty Handbook

Fellowship and Scholarship Statement of Reporting Responsibility

Filming and Photography on Campus

Financial Transaction Online Forms

Fitness for Duty

Flexible Work Schedule Policy

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Policy

FAQs to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Policy

Fraudulent Check Affidavit



General Leave of Absence and Family/Medical Leave Act

Guidelines for Campus Dialogue, Respect the Conversation

Guidelines for Political Activities

Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Card Policy

Grant v Gift Indicator Checklist

Good Neighbor Policy

Grant Expenditure Review Policy


Hiring Outside Counsel (PDF)

Holiday Policy


International Travel Policy

Interest Rate Swap Policy

Investment Policy and Guidelines


John Felice Rome Center Academic Policies



Library Policies

Licensee Code of Conduct

Long-Term Disability

LUERP Investment Policy


Media-Related Requests

Motor Vehicle Records and Vehicle Use Policy


Named Endowed Fund Minimums

Naming Gift Policy

Network Security Policies

Newsletter and Publications

Non-Smoking Policy

Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy

Notice of Privacy Practices (LUHS)

Nursing Student Council



Ownership and Use of Data


Paid Parental Leave

Parking Services Policy

Patent Policy

Pay Classification

Per Diem Rates - Excel File (Domestic and Foreign)

Per Diem Rates - Domestic

Per Diem Rates - Foreign

Personal Info Protection Policy

Personal/Family Friendly Days Policy

Petty Cash Funds

Physical Security of Loyola Protected and Sensitive Data

Policy on Policies

Political Activities, Guidelines for

Political Activity (Speaker Policy)

Post-Offer Physical and Drug/Alcohol Screening

Procard Policy and Procedure Manual

Procedure for Fraudulent Checks

Protected Data & Sensitive Data Identification Policy

Progressive Discipline

Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Computer Hardware and Software

Purchasing Wireless Network Equipment


Quasi-Endowment Policy


Record Retention Policy (Financial Records)

Record Retention Policy (Non-Financial Records)

Recruitment and Employment

Red-Flag/Identity Theft Policy

Reporting Official University Information

Research Policies and Procedures (Lakeside Campuses)


Respect the Conversation: Guidelines for Campus Dialogue

Responsibilities of Credit Card Handlers and Processors

Rights and Responsibilities When Using Electronic University Resources


Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Financial Aid

Security Awareness Policy

Security of Property

Security Policy

Server Security Standard

Sexual Harassment

Short-Term Disability (STD)

Sick Leave

Signature Card Policy

Social Media Policy

Speaker Policy (Political Activity)

Sponsored Service and Immersion Program Participation Policy for Staff

SSOM Patient Centered Medicine 1 Attendance Policy

SSOM Visiting Student Policies

Staff & Librarian Teaching

Staff Council

Student Diversity Council

Student Employment FICA Exemption Policy

Student FERPA Rights and Directory Information Policy

Student Worker Employment Guide

Subaward Policy

Subpoenas, Warrants, and Other Requests for Information

System Security Policies


Transfer Student Council

Travel and Business Expense Policy

Tuition Benefits

Technology Fee

Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Compliance Policy

Tuition Payment Policy


Unallowable Cost Policy

Unified Student Government

University Legal Identification Code

University Approved Hotels & Accommodations

University Sponsored Service and Immersion Program Participation Policy for Staff


Vacation Policy

Voice Mail Policy


Wage Information

Wedding Ceremonies at Loyola Facilities

Withdrawal Policy

Work Force Reduction Policy

Worker's Compensation Policy

Worker's Classification Procedure

Workplace Strategies Policy