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Media Relations Policy

From University Marketing and Communication (UMC) 

We are in the process of reviewing Loyola’s media relations policy with the help of a cross section of stakeholders, including administration, Campus Safety, faculty, student journalists, and outside experts, including professional journalists. The goal of this review is to deliver policies that represent best practices for protecting free speech and helping the University maintain its interest in accurate media coverage by all outlets.  

In the meantime, we have not delayed in revising the policy as represented below to clarify that faculty and administrators are encouraged to engage directly with members of the media. The UMC team remains committed to assisting the media, faculty, and administrators. For more information click here.  

Loyola understands the news media’s need to have direct access to faculty and administrators. Faculty and administrators are welcome to respond directly to interview requests from the news media. Should faculty or administrators like the assistance of UMC, they can contact the department at 312.915.6324 prior to agreeing to an interview. Members of the news media can also start by contacting UMC and requesting assistance in finding the right sources for a story. 

This policy applies to all Loyola University Chicago faculty and administration interacting with news media representatives. For the purpose of this policy, “news media” refers to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, student media, and broadcast outlets such as radio, television, and podcasts.  

Proactive Media Relations  
If a University faculty member is interested in generating media coverage about a program, event, or achievement, please contact the appropriate UMC team member. UMC has access to nationwide (and some targeted global) news media contacts and will work with faculty and staff to coordinate publicity or visibility for programs, events, or newsworthy issues.  

Reactive Media Relations 
Loyola faculty are encouraged to respond to requests from the media regarding their research, scholarship, and/or professional expertise. You may find it helpful to contact the communications team for assistance, background, or additional experts if your first choice is unavailable. Our faculty directory is updated regularly. UMC can also assist in coordinating interviews as needed.  

Loyola complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding the retention and release of personal and/or educational records of all current faculty, staff, and students.  

If an event attracts news media interest, press release, and statements to the news media will be routed through, approved, and disseminated by the appropriate UMC team member.   

Under no circumstances should information pertaining to a case that is in litigation be discussed publicly without the prior approval of the Office of General Counsel.  

Loyola reserves the right to photograph members of the University community including, but not limited to, its students, faculty, and staff, in situations appropriate to the image of an academic institution, and to publish likenesses in Loyola University Chicago publications, video, websites, the news media, social media or other recruitment or promotional materials.  

Media on Campus  

Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses
Media is welcome to visit our lakeside campuses. However, in order to ensure the privacy of our students, faculty, staff, and guests, we request that all news media contact a member of the communication team prior to visiting. Campus Safety officers are required to look for vehicles and people who are not authorized to be on campus. If we know you are coming, we can notify the Campus Safety Department and provide you with the most convenient parking to maximize your time. In almost all cases, student and faculty interviews and other taping/photography are possible. Some of the time, no escort is needed. For any event where a news release has been issued, there is no reason to call before coming on campus to cover the event.  

Maywood Campus, Health Sciences Division
Due to the proximity of the Loyola University Medical Center and its need to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), anyone on the Health Sciences Campus who is photographing or videotaping for media, promotion, or publicity purposes must be accompanied by a member of UMC or the Loyola University Health System media relations staff.   

Media Training
For additional information and support, contact Evangeline Politis (epolitis@LUC.edu or 312.915.6324) who can answer questions on Loyola’s media policy and working with the press for proactive and reactive media.