Loyola University Chicago

Human Resources

Student Worker Employment Guide

**COVID-19 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (4/15/2020): View the Student Workers Reimbursement Request Notice for more information regarding Student Workers and Teaching and Research Graduate Assistants reimbursement for personal cell phone and home internet data usage applicability during the COVID-19 pandemic.**

The links below provide practical resources and information about specific HR topics, such as Loyola policies, online forms and other time-saving resources, to help you in your day-to-day role as a student employee.

  • To view the Student Worker Employment Guide in an Adobe PDF format, click here.

Purpose of Guide

Benefits & Services

  • ATMs
  • Cafeterias
  • Campus-to-Campus Transportation
  • Chapels
  • Direct Deposit
  • Lost and Found
  • Other Benefits & Services
  • Publications
  • Recycling at Loyola
  • Social and Cultural Events
  • Wellness Center

Career Opportunities

  • Employee Growth & Development
  • Employment at Loyola
  • Resources

Employee Responsibilities

  • Accident Prevention and Safety
  • Appearance
  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Changes in Personal Information
  • Personal Business at Work
  • Release of Information
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Solving Work-Related Problems

Equal Opportunity Employment
Pay and Pay-Related Information

  • Allowable Work Hours
  • Auto-Term
  • Direct Deposit
  • Employment Classifications
  • Federal and State Income Tax & FICA
  • Federal Work-Study Tax
  • International Issues
  • Multiple Positions
  • Overtime
  • Paper Time Card Example
  • Pay Dates
  • Pay Difficulties
  • Pay Periods
  • Rates of Pay
  • Time Cards/OTC
  • W2 Forms