Loyola University Chicago

The President’s Medallion


About the Medallion

Leadership. Scholarship. Service.

Those three words are etched onto the President’s Medallion that Loyola awards annually to its most outstanding students. They are words that neatly summarize all that the University represents. And they also sum up the 2013–14 President’s Medallion recipients—students who excel not only in the classroom, but also in the world, and are dedicated to helping those around them.

“Each of the recipients was recommended for this award by their academic dean because they exemplify a wonderful combination of achievement in scholarship, leadership, and service,” said Dean of Students Jane Neufeld at the annual President’s Ball at the end of the fall semester.

“In addition, they are seen as persons of integrity, good reputation, and manifest leadership in serving others,” Neufeld said. “In short, they are students for which Loyola and its founders can take great pride.”