Lead Photo

Niyanna Warlick

Hometown: Chicago
Major: Social and Behavioral Studies
Expected date of graduation: 2020

Niyanna Warlick is both a top student in Arrupe College and an active member of the community. She was a part of the group that founded Arrupe’s Black Student Union, and last spring she was a part of the Arrupe Emerging Leaders program, a six-week leadership development program that explores heroic leadership. In the summer she served as an orientation leader, leading group discussions for new students.

While working two part-time jobs, Niyanna is also currently serving as a first-year seminar peer, helping Arrupe’s first-year students feel welcome and a part of the Arrupe community through office hours, classroom activities, and outreach.

Here, Niyanna discusses her volunteer experience at Loyola and her goals for after college.

What was the most meaningful volunteer, service, or student organization activity you’ve been involved in? How has it influenced you or shaped you as a person?
One of the most valuable student organizations that I have been involved in was the chance to be an orientation leader for incoming freshman. At first, I thought that the experience was going to be something that was going to be a breeze, but as I actually did the different trainings I soon realized the importance of the job. The job taught me so much—about the way that I handle different emotions from different people, and about the ways in which I carry myself and my attitude.

What do you hope to achieve after college, and how has Loyola prepared you?
My hometown is Chicago, Illinois. I was born and raised here. I want to continue to reside in Chicago for the time being, but also develop my life elsewhere to grow outside of Chicago. After college I hope to become a psychologist. Loyola has helped me prepare by giving me the most resources to be able to connect with people who are also doing what I want to achieve, bringing me real-life examples.