Loyola University Chicago


Heartbreak—A Processing Space

Curated in collaboration with Rick Valicenti
April – May 2017

Statement by Rick Valicenti:
In January 2017 a studio of designers and fine artists began a collaborative research and making initiative in response to 762 homicides in Chicago during 2016.

Our work has been dedicated to those around us impacted by gun violence - loved ones and their families, friends, neighbors, the first responders, clerics, policy makers, and the many thousand members of the local public.

Our time was not devoted to debating the Second Amendment, or trying to find solutions to the economic issues that promote Chicago gun violence.

Our focus remains in response to gun violence and how we, as empathetic creative individuals, can awaken civility, public awareness, policy discourse, and all the while renew respect for life.

Design: Constance Heuer 

Lizette Aparicio
Violet Brusnahan 
Rebecca Dahlin 
Lee Anne Davis 
Catherine Dizon 
Caira Frohman 
Timberlene Gilliam 
Andrew Hawkins 
Drew Haynes 
Langtian He 
Constance Heuer 
Chelsea Hoy 
Joseph Lemaniak 
Caroline Keeley 
John McCusker 
Allison Merkle 
Jessica Minnis 
Marisa Orlow 
Jordan Sutton 
Kavya Tiwari 
Olivia Tsotsos 
Maria Zierk 

Nicole Ferentz 
Matthew Groves 
Betsy Odom 
Rick Valicenti 
Amy Wilkinson

Summer Coleman 
Tyler Deal 
Emory Douglas
Matthew Hoffman
Geoff Kaplan 
Art Lurigio 
Joe Moore 
Harry Osterman 
Tom Regan 
Thomas Vanden Berk 
Amanda Williams 
Camiella Williams 
Anon ER Doctor