Loyola University Chicago


Sensory Overload: 2021 Loyola Fine Art Senior Exhibition

April - May 2021

Online Reception and Awards Ceremony, May 14, 5-6pm CT


On view from W. Sheridan Avenue and ONLINE through May 14, 2021

Sensory Overload is an online exhibition of the work of Loyola University Chicago’s most recent Fine Art graduates. With a variety of approaches to making across multiple disciplines, this exhibition represents the ambition, passion, and activism that make Loyolans stand out. The investigations and discoveries within Sensory Overload are often poignant and surprising and have become even more complex in these unprecedented times of protest and pandemic. Like the rest of the world, these students are asking the difficult question of what comes next — not just for themselves, but for the world that their work represents.

Featuring works by:

Gabby Auth | Maya Berg | Genevieve Boyle | Lena Brearely | Karla Bueno | Hana Comor | Giulia de Oliveira Borba | Kira Escobar | María Gutiérrez Berrios | Mia Hackett | Kathleen Harmon | Abby Kilani | Alyson Kobler | Mia Kraft | Ciara Krasovic | Mary Lang | Myhanah Lu | Elisa Violet Machlitt | Natalie Murdock | Rem Piguing | Amelia Robinson | Erin Schrock | MelanieJoy Thomas | Claire Trabue | Samantha T Uy | Joseph Barrett Whittle





Installation view, NE wall. Left to Right: Kira Escobar, ...title???...; Genevive Boyle, Love of the Hunt;
Lena Brearley The Fortress

Installation view, SW walls. Left to Right: María Gutiérrez Berrios, A Forest of Emotions; Mia Hackett,
The Bathroom; Aly Kobler, See Me; Samantha T Uy, Gaze. Foreground: Abby Kilani, Untitled


Installation View, SW walls. Left to Right: Karla Bueno, Let It Rip; María Gutiérrez Berrios,
A Forest of Emotions; 
Mia HackettThe Bathroom; Aly KoblerSee Me; Natalie Murdock,
Chrysalis; Erin Schrock, Untitled


Hana Comer, Bog Bath, 14" x 17". Photos of installations created with moss, sticks, mud, rocks,
other trinkets, and collection

Karla Bueno, Let It Rip. Photography

María Gutiérrez BerriosA Forest of Emotions. 60" x 78". Acrylic paint, coarse pumice
acrylic medium, extra coarse pumice acrylic medium, glass bead gel, modeling paste,
paper blobs, rice, and spaghetti on canvas

Mia Hackett, The bathroom. Video


 Aly Kobler, See Me. Four digital photographs at 13" x 9" each

 Samantha T Uy, Gaze. 11" x 17". Acrylic and thread on canvas

Natalie Murdock, Chrysalis. 53" x 75" x 10". Spring Mattress, upholstery foam, caulk, paint, rope,
preserved moss

Erin Schrock, Untitled. Four images at 11" x 17" each. Guache paint on photo prints