Loyola University Chicago



Curated by Ariel Gentelan
Feb – March 2019

Above image: Theo, 2018 by A. Klass (Part of "Trans in Public" Series)

Opening reception: Thursday, February 21, 5-7pm

Transistors, in a practical sense, are semiconductor devices capable of amplification and rectification. They are ubiquitous in daily life and enhance our abilities to communicate, listen, & quite literally, hear each other. As a trans arts-laborer, I am seeking to find ways for other queer artists and arts-laborers to not only find each other through creating accessible networks for unification and solidarity in a rigorous art world, but to also create a space to openly interrogate frustrating issues facing queer artists and laborers, through dialogues with artists, educators and activists working in Chicago today.

This is primarily NOT an exhibition. It is a living node of connection in hopes of offering needed resources & experiences for a marginalized group of voices within the arts world. On view will be A. Klass’s “trans in public” photography series, alongside a reading & resource library. During the run of the project, we will manifest micro studio visits, a writing & research residency, “the chart” with photographer A. Klass, and a series of public programs & dialogues driven by queer artists & thinkers within Chicago that will be recorded, transcribed and archived via a publication.

Jared Brown • Cameron Clayborn • Oscar Chavez • Angela Davis Fegan • Adam Greteman • Emily S. Kennedy • Jada Amina Harvey • Betsy Johnson • Anisa McGowan • Luan Joy Sherman


Want to get involved & be in touch?

Pitch a program or request more info: transistors2k19@gmail.com

The Gallery is also assisting in connecting the project with student LGBTQIA+ groups around the city. If you’re interested in holding your meeting or utilizing the gallery as a space for a program, please reach out!

Transistors Program Outline  

Fridays throughout the project  
Feb. 22 // March. 1 // March.  8 // March. 15 
Trans in residence: A. Gentalen  
A writing & research residency to focus on time, masculinity, & trans aesthetics.  

Feb. 21  
Opening + listening event 

Feb. 23  
Comedy night hosted by Oscar Chavez + Cameron Clayborn  

March. 2  
Masculinity round table 
Private convo to be recorded, transcribed, & published in print/online/audio

Artist in Residence: A. Klass  
March 7
12 - 3pm

March 7 - 10  
The Chart: queer artists + laborers 
10am - 2pm // 5pm - 8pm   

March. 15  
Queer eye: portfolio reviews  
with Amina Ross + A. Gentalen  + A. Klass  
Closing program (readings)

925 Curator in Residence 

Every Friday during the incubator’s run, the curator will be in residence in the space working on researching and exploring the history of trans and queer artists. They plan to utilize this time to write around questions regarding time, masculinity, transgender art & artists.

The curator will also hold micro studio visits on site available via sign up online. 30 minute studio visits with queer artists/students/organizers who need portfolio reviews, research advice, or have art related quandaries. Additional queer curators may be added if interest demands!

The Chart: Queer Artists + Art Laborers

Dubbed fondly “The Chart” after the plot device on The L Word, character Alice Pieszecki (played by actual out lesbian, Leisha Hailey) uses a graph to track the interconnected relationships of the lesbian community. It begins as a whiteboard, becomes an online network, & a NPR talk show within the show. Utilizing this mechanism, we seek to find our through lines to each other through queerness & the arts.

On site, Gentalen will interview participants while Klass will take a photograph. These will be compiled for a print publication or online database (TBD). We will also have a form online to accept submissions from queer artists + laborers from the United States (and hopefully internationally.)

We will also be forming a queer email Listserv for artists and curators to be in real-time reach and contact, modeled after radio producer/journalist listservs Gentalen was exposed to while working in audio. It is the goal of these projects to connect us to further collaborate together and make it possible for us to build opportunities & joy for our community, adjacent to the one we are required to exist within.

Masculinity Round Table

Ariel Gentalen [moderator] 
(curator/writer/organizer/athlete) [they/them, trans NB] 

Luan Joy Sherman  
(artist/athlete) [he/him]  

Adam J. Greteman  
(professor/writer) [he/him - CIS]  

Eli Ryn Brown 
(writer/poet/athlete) [he/him] 

(artist/athlete) [they/them]

Allie N’ Steve  
(composer/musician/activist/ professor) [she/her/he/him]

Ilya of Decolonizing Fitness  
(physical therapist/medical exercise coach) [they/them, trans NB] NC  

Jared Brown 
(artist) [they/them]  

Betsy Johnson 
(artist/preparator) [they/them]  

Pidgeon Pagonis 

Thomas Page McBee 

H. Melt 
(poet/writer/activist) [he/him]  

Darryl DeAngelo Terrell 
(artist/curator/writer/dj) [they/them]    

Daniel Kyri 
(actor) [he/him]  

Public Program Series 

From dialogues, to rituals, to a podcast taping, to listening rooms, knitting circles, crying corners: we want it all.

Currently there are dialogues + performances scheduled with participating artists around concepts of transmisogyny, navigating transition within an arts institution, essay clubs, & a curated listening room of audio documentaries about LGBTQIA+ identities.


If you’re interested in participating in Transistors, please reach out to: transistors2k19@gmail.com

The Gallery is also assisting in connecting the project with student LGBTQIA+ groups around the city. If you’re interested in holding your meeting or utilizing the gallery as a space for a program, please reach out!