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Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 and be of a sophomore standing at the time of attendance.


Total coursework is 13–19 credit hours. All courses are 3-credit-hours (unless otherwise noted) and are offered during both the Fall and Spring semester (unless otherwise noted), . You will be required to take SOCL 264 for a service learning placement or IBUS 370 for an internship placement. All students also must take UNIV 103 Seminar: Orientation: Encounters, which is a 1-hour seminar used to process the entire experience and introduce excursions.

There are two academic streams that students can explore at the Vietnam Center. Culture, Politics, and Development in Southeast Asia is offered in the Fall and Spring semesters, while Global Business and Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia is available in the Spring. Students may take courses from either stream in the Spring semester.

Here is some additional information on these two exciting academic concentrations:

Culture, Politics, and Development of Southeast Asia

This specialization gives you an understanding of Vietnam and the region through courses in Southeast Asian history, political science, sociology, the arts, environmental studies, comparative religions, and the Vietnamese language. You will learn the growing importance of the region to the future of our world and discover the exciting personal opportunities that Southeast Asia provides you along the way.

 In addition, you will participate in a service learning experience* of 4-6 hours per week.  Service learning placements may include:

  • International NGOs
  • English language tutoring
  • Local health clinic
  • Vietnamese orphanage

Social justice and service learning are at the heart of the Vietnam Center’s mission, and participation in such an experience is an integral component of the Culture, Politics, and Development specialization.  These opportunities will allow you to engage with local residents in a meaningful way and have a positive impact on Ho Chi Minh City.


Global Business and Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia

This specialization is designed for students who want to understand business and entrepreneurship in an international context. Because of the increasingly global nature of commerce, no matter what industry, and Asia’s increasing importance across industries, Vietnam is a perfect laboratory for you to see economic development firsthand. Upper-level business courses in areas such as marketing, management, and entrepreneurship will allow you to explore international business at a deeper level.

 In addition, you will have the opportunity to undertake a 15-week internship* in a variety of different fields with an international focus, including:

  • Market research
  • Investment management
  • Supply chain and logistics management
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer goods and services management

Equally as important as what you will take away from this experience is what you will give back in return.  Your internship will provide you the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as well as to make contributions to your internship site - to its vision and objectives as well as to your coworkers. You will also be eligible to enroll in courses from the Culture, Politics, and Development of Southeast Asia specialization to complement your business experience.

 *Previous knowledge of Vietnamese language not required for the service learning or internship experience.


Below are the courses offered per semester and if you click on the course title you'll be brought to a sample syllabus for the course.

Subject Area

Course Number

Course Title


Cross Listings/Tags

Core Area/Pre-Requisites



FINC 301


Intro to Business Finance      

SCMG 332



ENTR 310


Innovation and Entrepreneurship    

MARK 201


Principles of Marketing Establish a basic understanding and appreciation of the theories and practices of marketing, and how marketing interacts with the entire business process.  

MARK 310


Consumer Behavior    

MARK 363


International Marketing    

MGMT 201


Managing People and Organizations Overview of management functions, fundamental principles of organization behavior, individual differences, motivation and leadership for beginning management majors.

MGMT 321


International Business Ethics   ECON 202
MGMT 201

Environmental Science



Humans and the Environment in Contemporary Vietnam Learn about environmental degradation in Vietnam as well as current sustainability efforts, especially those pertaining to forest conservation and biodiversity.   CORE Tier II Scientific Literacy




History of Southeast Asia Since 1858 Course lectures will be supplemented with class visits to historic sights, museums and memorials. GIST CORE Tier II Historical Knowledge Area



IBUS 370


Internship in International Business  This is the required course for Spring semester internship students.  

Vietnamese Language


VIET 101

Elementary Vietnamese Beginning students will develop basic conversation, reading and writing skills.

VIET 111

Intensive Elementary Vietnamese This language-intensive course for beginning students covers twice the course material. (6 credit hours) College of Arts and Sciences 102 foreign language requirement.

VIET 252

Vietnamese for Native Speakers Native speakers will focus on developing advanced reading and writing skills.



LITR 245*

Modern Vietnamese Literature: Asian Masterpieces Read and analyze Vietnamese literary masterpieces. GIST CORE Tier II Literary Knowledge Area

Political Science



Culture and Politics of Development Learn about the concept of development from a political lens in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. GIST



SOCL 264

Contemporary Vietnam  As part of this course, all students will participate in a service placement at a community organization.
See the Service Learning Sites.
GIST CORE Engaged Learning requirement.



THEO 299

Study Vietnam's major religious institutions, traditions and practices. GIST CORE Tier II Theological and Religious Knowledge

For information about how the Vietnamese language courses correspond with Loyola University Chicago, please click here.

*LITR 245 is eligible for Honors. Interdisciplinary Honors students can fulfill an area studies course requirement while studying at the Vietnam Center. Please meet with Dr. Claudio Katz, Director of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, to discuss your plan for integrating Honors into your Vietnam Center experience!